Monday, December 7, 2009

Utah Local: Real Deal Mattress & Cabinets

This week's spotlight on a Utah business is Real Deal Mattress & Cabinets in Springville.
I love to go to big showrooms with many rooms all set up with furniture and accessories, but when I walked into this store, there were only a few pieces of furniture and many mattresses. I probably would have just walked right out, except that the salesman (who seemed like the owner because of things he said) came up to me. He was quick to tell me that they mostly sell through catalogs. I figured I'd give it a try so I sat down and started looking through them.

The salesman (sorry I don't remember his name) said that they sell from the same manufacturers that other big stores like (dare I say it??) R.C. Wiley, but at considerably lower prices. I was looking for furniture for my entry and found a few in the catalog. They sell items from different styles (modern, country, traditional...). The catalogs don't have prices, but he quickly looked up the prices I asked for. The prices really were less than at any other place I've been to in Utah County and north up to Salt Lake or online. As a matter of fact, on this one piece of furniture, I saved $200. They said the chest would take 7-10 days to arrive at their store and it was 9 days. They don't deliver, but they have someone who can deliver for $30. We just picked it up ourselves since it wasn't too large.
Both people I dealt with (when buying and then someone else when picking up) were very friendly and helpful. The prices seemed really good to me. It is out of the way for many people, but you can call or email them if you have a specific item and they can look up the price for you so you don't go down (or up) for nothing. The furniture seems to be of good quality and I'm very satisfied with it.

The store is just south of exit 260 in Springville (the Walmart exit) on the west side of the freeway. It is in the first building south of the Neways building, right next to Sprinkler World. There is a big red trailer with yellow lettering on it right next to the street (you can see it from the freeway) since the store is in quite a ways from the road.
They do have a website, but they only have a few items there. It is worth it to go look at their catalogs. Also, the owner mentioned that they have a supplier who gets them appliances and electronics at great prices which have been returned, but are still under warranty. There was a very large screen TV there for $899. Sorry I am not in the market for cabinets so I don't know anything about their variety or prices on those.
Real Deal Mattress & Cabinets
940 S. 2000 W.
Springville, UT 84663
801 798-7811 or
Monday-Saturday 10:00 - 6:00
You can even became a fan of theirs on Facebook.


  1. Way cool! I like this little tour your giving on occasion!! I love the cabinet. My Great Grandmother had someone paint flowers on all of her furniture.. so I kind of have a thing for it. :)

    Way to spot the deals!!

  2. Wow, that is really fancy! You got a really great deal on it too. Your home is getting better and better looking, isn't it? :o)


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