Friday, May 21, 2010

Is it June yet???

Is your May as busy as mine? If you have children in school, I bet it is! Every year the teachers try to cram so much into this last month of school and it's crazy.

On Tuesday, Elisa had a track meet, but the sun didn't come out to welcome her. It was in the fifties, windy and very wet. Poor kids. She actually did two of her runs before they decided to send the kids back to school and have them go back on Friday.
As I walked back to my car, I saw these cold chickens huddled up against a door and just had to snap a picture.
Wednesday Alex had his final band concert of the year. He had his braces taken off on Monday so this was his first band concert without braces.
Sabrina and I snapped a few photos while they were warming up. Then I took a photo of Sabrina keeping an eye out for family.
Just a silly photo of the conductor's shadow during the performance.
Sheri didn't want to be in the photo (surprise, surprise) so she took a photo of the rest of it. Elisa decided to go to young women that night even though she isn't 12 since they were going to play human foosball. Thank you for coming, everyone!
Today I had to run from Alex's 5k over to Elisa's track meet. I parked and got out of my car right as the 5k was starting. I didn't see Alex, but snapped a photo and then took off in the van to wait for him along the way.
I stopped right before the mile 1 marker and water stop.
As I waited and saw so many people passing, I was so proud of Alex. He has a bit of asthma (not like what I had when I was young, luckily) and doesn't really run, but he chooses to do this 5k every year. I am so proud of him for doing something that isn't easy and following through with it. He doesn't even mind that he isn't in the front. Finally, I spotted him coming up...the only one holding his sides, poor guy.
Unfortunately, I couldn't go to wait for him at the finish line since I had to run to Elisa's track meet. She is a very good runner, but doesn't enjoy track. Can you tell?
Yep, she wore a (blue) jacket during her first run. Crazy. She didn't wear it during the other ones though.
She's in the lead.

You might be able to see her blue jacket at the finish line, taking first place.
The weather was much better today! (I'll tell you a secret---She just bought that shirt to make Alex, who loves Japan, jealous.)
In the semi-finals, Elisa didn't take first in her heat, but she did really well. Then I left since I thought they were done. We had been told they weren't going to run the relay, but after I left, they did. At her school, they only choose the fastest runners to run relay. I missed Elisa's team taking first place for relay.
I'm proud of both of them for doing their best!


  1. Is that the Jr. High that runs the 5K? That's awesome that Alex ran it with asthma! I bet it was easier to play the horn with his braces off! Good for him!

    The end of the school year is extra busy! Just one more week!

  2. Things are busy for you! I am remembering back to last year at this time with my babys graduation, Senior recital, Seminary graduation....I miss it all!

    Very cute kids!

  3. sounds like you had your track shoes on This month. congrats to the kids,( and to you for keeping up with them.)

  4. Yes, Connie, that's the junior high 5k. Alex did more walking than running, but he made it!

  5. That's great! Both the kids did so well in their outdoor events! I used to like running but wasn't the best. Elisa doesn't love running but is the best. Not fair, but then life seems to be like that. Alex's concert was great too. I'm sorry that you didn't like the picture of you. I think you look very cute! The shadows on the wall were interesting at the concert!

  6. Oh, and I was very impressed that Alex did the 5K!! Great job, Alex!

  7. Wow! Sounds like you are busy! And what talented kids you've got! Go super mom!


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