Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last Week

Patty from Pitterle Postings came up to Utah from Arizona for a family visit. She took a little time out to meet me. It was fun to get to know her better and in person and hear about her life and her 11 children. Thanks, Patty!
On Saturday, we walked as a team with family members and friends in the Autism Speaks walk in support of my nephew Avi. It was a cold day with lots of wet snow, but it was a nice walk at This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake.

I guess they were expecting a warmer day since they were passing out popsicles.
Avi (and everyone) was ready to go home where it was warm by the end.


  1. How brave to still walk in such horrible weather. Good for you!

  2. How fun to meet a blog friend.
    Darn rain! Looks like hot chocolate would have been a better treat! Glad the walk was a success! :)

  3. Valerie, thank you so much for writing something so nice about me! You forgot to mention how totally amazing you were and how we both had to juggle schedules, events and sick kids!! Thank you so much for coming to meet me. I hope we can do it again. You know that you are always welcome in AZ!!!

  4. How fun you got to meet Patty!
    Looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. Yay for meeting blog friends! 11 children? Wow!

    It's so great that you did the Autism walk even in the rain! What troopers!

  6. Oh, it looks so cold but fun! I don't think I would have taken a popsicle!

    It's always fun to meet a blogging friend. 11 children? What an amazing woman!

  7. What great pictures you took! The popsicles did not fit though with the jackets and hoods :))

  8. I hadn't seena post form you in a while. I was beginning to wonder if you were ok. If it hadn't been for the email I got from you...

    I've always wanted to go to that park....someday I will and I'll get to explore every building. Poor kids (and you guys) with that weather but you all hung in there! Way to go. Too bad no one could see the t-shirts.

  9. Great pictures of the walk! My pics are not nearly so good, but I am going to post them on Facebook soon. You didn't mention that Elisa and Sabrina's lips froze, and there was blood involved.

    So glad you got to meet a fellow blogger! Eleven children/ That is amazing!

  10. Meeting blog friends = A great time!!

    Don't you wish winter would end already!!

  11. What a fun local getaway! I love downtown Salt Lake and the historical sites. And I wouldn't mind being pushed around in a stroller. :) Glad you got to meet a blogging friend IRL. We both know what that's like!!! :) Have a great day!


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