Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sabrina's First Grade Program

This post is mostly for my family who didn't get to go to Sabrina's first grade program today.  I recorded some of the songs they sang too, but they aren't loading.

But I'm trying to post the part of the program where Sabrina has her lines. We'll see if this works. I think she did a very good job. She was so afraid she'd forget her lines in front of all the people, but she didn't. My baby is getting so BIG!

Here is Sabrina and her big eyes in her classroom after the program.


  1. Love it! she is beautiful Valerie. They grow up so fast!!

  2. Well, I couldn't understand what was being said but she did so well. She didn't seem nervous at all. She's getting so big!

  3. She did a great job! I love the pictures too. I will listen to the video again when I am on my work computer -- can't turn on the speaker easily enough here. She is such a cute girl, and growing up so fast!

  4. DARLING DARLING! I'm on my way to London's West End theatre and cannot wait -- my whole life has been spent in the theatre -- but it still cannot beat an elementary school program! I am more MOM and GRANDMA than actress/director when it comes right down to it. You must be so proud Valerie!

  5. What a cutie! She did great!

  6. I love school programs! We had our transitional kindergarten program on Friday and it went great! Glad it's over!

    Sabriina is a doll!


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