Thursday, September 23, 2010

Around My Neck

I got the funniest compliment yesterday. (No. Not from a guy. Sigh!) But I’ll tell you the compliment later.
Can you see what I’m wearing around my neck?
Yeah, a necklace, but not just any necklace. This one is really special because of what’s in it. Wanna closer look?

That tiny snotty-looking blob (that you can hardly see) floating in the liquid is MY DNA. This was our “experiment” yesterday in biotech class. It was nice to have a simple project instead of the usual lab experiments I do in my labs. We used cells from the inside of our cheeks and followed an easy protocol adding a few solutions, heated it and VOILA. There’s my blob.

To get back to the compliment…I noticed that my DNA wasn’t looking like everyone else’s around me. Theirs were a condensed blog and mine had strings hanging down, looking kinda like a jellyfish. I showed it to the professor to see if I did something wrong. She started saying how cool is was and that mine was the coolest DNA she’d ever seen. (Pretty funny compliment, huh? I’ll take any I can get though!) So of course everyone gathered around and wanted to see it. I’m sure they weren’t impressed. Hehe Sorry no picture. I didn’t take my camera to class. The professor thinks it was because I poured in the alcohol so slowly. The protocol said slowly. Guess I just took longer doing it than others. Then I swirled mine around the end of a pipette and sucked some of it out for this necklace. Now it’s more of a very little blob.

I showed it to my kids and they didn’t think it was that exciting. I guess it’s just me and my fellow science geeks in class that think it’s cool. The girl sitting next to me even said, “This is the funnest thing I’ve done since high school.” (That had to be like a year ago for her!) Cracked me UP!

If you really want one, you can buy a kit and do it at home. You can even have a DNA party with this kit for 32 people for about $46. (It uses Gatorade and we used a different solution, but the reviews all say it works well.) Even elementary-aged kids can do it!

Since this is a short post and just in case there is one other science geek reading this who might appreciate these...

 You send in a cheek swab sample and they run it through a gel electrophoresis (which I have done with my DNA, but didn't get to keep a copy of it) and they print it small or as a large Giclee fine art piece. I love these!!! I am such a nerd!
Then some more jewelry.


  1. Wow! I never realized what a nerd you are ;) Glad you were able to enjoy your lab, for a change.

  2. Ok that IS pretty funny! I would never in a million years have thought of doing something like putting my DNA around my neck! Ha Ha

  3. P.S. If you have the coolest DNA then you must be cool from the inside out! (wink!)

  4. I think that is so funny! I know you must have cool DNA -- you get it from me...and Dad. :o) What an exciting lab experiment. I love it, but did you have to pay extra for the necklace?

  5. So...there's a topic of conversation with a stranger! "You wanna see my DNA? It's the coolest in my class!"

    Sounds like a fun project!

  6. Love it! I am so glad that you are enjoying school! I think it sounds like a great experiment.

  7. Mom, I didn't have to pay extra for the necklace since it was written into the class. I paid enough for the semester already. :)

  8. And Heather, it's not that I don't usually enjoy the labs. It's just that they are usually more complicated and require a big analysis. This was so easy.

  9. LOL, that's some hot lookin' DNA you have there...the possibilities for pickup lines are endless!!

    It sounds like you're really enjoying your classes (at least this one). That's great!!

  10. So cool. I wonder if mine would be jellyfish like...sounds like a fun experiment.

  11. val, that is sooooo freaking cool! i love it entirely!

  12. That is awesome!!! Just think, no one else in the world has the same as you!!!!!
    Individual jewelry.
    You are an individual jewel!

  13. This is awesome! Who wouldn't think it is cool. Okay, I guess this is from one nerd to another. I may have to order that kit!

  14. Oh, that is totally cool! Especially those prints, I would love one of those!

  15. This is awesome...I would love to have some of my own a necklace like yours, that is. I am taking physiology right now and we just finished the section on DNA. I find it fascinating, but wish I had studied better!
    I was going through my blog(which I haven't been on in wayyy too long), and saw where you commented probably over a year ago! Just wanted to stop by and say Hi because I don't even remember if I did way back then. Hope all is well.


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