Saturday, September 18, 2010

Flavor Memory

Wow! This brought back a memory.
The kids and I are enjoying root beer floats and rocky road bars while we watch Race to Witch Mountain on DVD. (We haven't watched it before.) I suddenly remembered to back when I was in 4th grade or so. Our nice home teacher brought his VCR to our house and we had root beer floats and watched one of the Superman movies. I thought the VCR was the coolest invention ever and didn't ever think I'd ever actually own one. : ) Okay, I'm going back to the movie now.


  1. How sweet that you are making such fun memories with your kids.
    btw, you have a very GOOD home teacher when you were in the 4th grade :)

  2. lol! you crack me up.
    (p.s. i LOVE that movie you're watching! "don't go in the pimped out fridge, jack..")

    yeah VCR's were so to the max cool.

    remember the laser disc? that's what i used to watch all 3 of the original star wars movies, the rocky movies, and the red shoes on when i was little. we were the epitome of technologically advanced in our trailer park!

    enjoy your movie, and your floats.

    happy rest of your saturday and sunday!

  3. Lol! That is so awesome! When I was four or five (circa 1987-1988) my dad brought home a cd player that cost over five hundred dollars! We were the hip family on the block I tell ya!

  4. Isnt it amazing what we lived without! Ha ha
    Now I wonder about the whole Blu Ray thing - do we really need that? Because I like my DVD player just fine.
    Root Beer floats are a favorite of mine! It sounds like a relaxing wonderful time with your family :-)

  5. @ Cherie
    "Now I wonder about the whole Blu Ray thing - do we really need that? Because I like my DVD player just fine."

    Yes we need blu-ray! That's how I get to sleep Friday and Saturday night when exhaustion has over come me and my kids NEED to stay up a watch a netflix movie. We find a movie for them on netflix then bing, bang, boom, it's on the TV and my bed is kid free and I can sleep! :) Pre-blu-ray (since the computer is in my room) they would watch it on my bed.

  6. Great memory Valerie! Thank you for the comment at Today's Mama. I hope to see you over at I Wish I Was in Dixie also! :)

  7. That root beer float looks delicious! I remember we actually rented a VCR once in a while for a special movie night. I told my kids this and they thought I was prehistoric.
    I hope you enjoyed the movie!

  8. I remember how cool it was to get a VCR. Now my kids want to know why they can't watch their shows on demand upstairs (as we only have a DVR downstairs). Times sure have changed!

  9. We love root beer floats here. We have an old VCR. Not sure if it still works though.

  10. I continue to be amazed at all the inventions in my lifetime...I can't imagine how amazing it is for an 80 or 90 year old. Crazy!


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