Saturday, January 8, 2011

Go Cougars!

I took the kids to the sold out BYU vs Air Force basketball game today and it was lots of fun. We got there very early so we could have a close parking space and not have to walk too far in the cold. So we took some pics, but I couldn't get them to all sit still at the same time. 
So I took some individual photos of my gorgeous children. 

Then we tried again with groups. I dunno.

Warming up. Go BYU!
About to start!!!!
BYU WON!!! Go Cougars!
We stuck around for a while afterward and took more photos while everyone else was clearing out. One of the kids put Alex's hat on me and Sabrina said I should have pictures taken because I look like a "sporty mom". Not sure the shirt is too sporty. Maybe I can get a BYU shirt for the next time.
Sabrina had more fun on the rails than watching the game. She didn't like me yelling and cheering "in her ears".
 This game reminded me of other basketball games in the long past. The first basketball game that I remember going to was a junior high game that I went to because my friend Stacie had a crush on one (or two) of the players. It was so much fun. Then when I lived in Miami our bishop was sorta of  (or very) connected and he took all of the young men and young women to the Miami Heat game...twice...and we got to sit in the VIP box up at the top, all catered and soft seats and everything. SO MUCH FUN! I loved it. Even though today we sat on the very top bleacher seats, it was great. I love spending time with my treasures.


  1. Looks like a fun time.
    I love the pictures. They are priceless.
    It looks like the kids are very tolerant of mom's picture taking.

  2. It looks like you all had a lot of fun! You do have beautiful kids... and they have a beautiful mom!

  3. Looks like a fun time!
    You look cute in that hat. :)

  4. This is Alex. My mom bent the truth about staying afterwards for the crowds to clear. She really thought that it was only half time, even though the announcer said "FINAL score BYU:76 AIR FORCE:66" so she made us stay after. It wasn't until the pep band left and she saw that the basketball hoops were down that she realized that the game was officially over.

  5. what a fun memory for you & your kids! :) i'd say that shirt was just fine. sportiest? maybe not, but still not out of sorts. go cougs!

  6. You look cute in that hat!

    Glad you can spend some good quality time with your treasures! You're a good mom!

  7. Looks liek a lot of fun. I remember going to high school football much fun and something I haven't done since I finished HS. Glad you all had so much fun.


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