Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Missed the House Concert!

I know I already did a whole post on Nikki Forova, but I went to another concert with her and several other artists and it was AWESOME! So I gotta share about all these people. The talent was just OOZING out the windows. None of my friends could go due to the last minute notice so I took my kids and Sabrina's friend and we had fun. And you can too. (Read to the end!)
Elisa doesn't like this photo, but I think she looks cute and playful. Alex would not be in a photo, but he was there with us.

The opening act was Jeremy Tyler, singer/songwriter on keyboard and he sure warmed up the audience for the evening.
Here's a video from him since you weren't there to hear him.

Then April Meservy, singer/songwriter who has won Pearl Awards, been on several EFY CDs and lots of other albums and compilations, stepped up to the microphone with her guitar. FUN! She has a new album that you can buy on her site. When I asked my kids what they thought of her, they said that they liked how her songs told a story, and of course that she has a beautiful voice.
April sang a great duet (that she co-wrote) with another singer/songwriter who was Alexander's favorite of the night. He is fun and has a great voice. Do you remember him from American Idol Season 8?
He got to go to Hollywood and then apparently didn't make it further, but he is going pretty far on his own. If you haven't heard of him, MAKE SURE you check him out. His name is Jarrett Burns. Check out his music at that link and buy his GREAT CD while you're there. I really like Easy on the Soul.  He sings weekly at the Vista Lounge at Montage Deer Valley so go check him out!

April Moriarty was on violin for several of the songs and Rob Qualls on the guitar. See how much you missed???
And the red-head on the keyboard is Nikki Forova that I posted about. I had written her a quick email to let her know how great her concert at the Springville Museum of Art was and she wrote me back with the info to this concert. When I asked her at this concert to sign my CD, she asked my name. I said I was Valerie. She said, "You're Valerie? Thank you so much for coming." I thought it was so nice of her to reply to the email and then to remember my name. 

...And guess what I got for one of you!!! 
Nikki's CD with her music that you will be happy is going through your head all day. Fun and beautiful songs! It's even signed. Someday when she gets even bigger, you will have her very first CD! I love supporting talented indie projects, especially great ones like this. Be sure to see my post on her if you haven't already so I can introduce you to her. Nikki Forova

To enter to win the CD, along with some yummy chocolate of some sort since I always gotta throw that in, just leave a comment telling me a singer you love to listen to by 10 am Tuesday, January 25th. I'll draw a random name and then post it here.


  1. dang, a hard one... ;)

    Ariel and I are all about Taylor Swift, Joseph loves her too but will not admit it.

  2. That sounds like a totally awesome concert! I hadn't heard of her before, now I'm off to do some searching.

    Mi love the pix of you and your girls. You are all so beautiful.

  3. You're famous!! That's so cool that she remembered you! :)

  4. How fun! It's always great to discover new talent!
    I really like all kinds of music~ but the one CD that I always have in my car is Mindy Gledhill~Feather in the Wind. It's my absolute favorite!

  5. Sounds like a great time. I love listening to Amy Lee of Evanescence, and Tiffany Lee of Plumb (How interesting that they have the same last name as me and there's no relation.)

  6. I actually know Jarret personally. What a great guy he is! Looks like the concert was fun!

  7. I love The Cranberries (yep...I am old) and michael buble. Sounds like you had a great time at the concert! It is always great to find a new artist you like.... and uplifts you!

  8. I don't update my music collection very often so I'm listening to old Jewel.

  9. Anastasia/Nikki has been one of my very dear friends for several years. I was so sad I didn't make it to her Springville MOA and house concerts. I was there through her gigs at little no-name clubs in LA. She is vibrant and fun and inspiring. I'm glad you found her music...I have been a huge fan since the first time I heard her sing.

    I'm not entering the contest (I already have a few of her CDs) but I just wanted to say hi!

  10. I have lots of favorite singers! Recently, I've been listening to more Jenny Phillips and Hilary Weeks as far as LDS artists go.

  11. So I'm not really this old...but I love listening to Sandy Posey. Her music really helps me to keep my head in the right place.

    The other person who I really enjoy is Amy Lacey Benson. She has one of her albums up for free download right now. Check her out

  12. Valerie, so sweet of you to write up a blog on me and april! i received great joy from reading it and other posts here :)


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