Monday, January 17, 2011

Nikki Forova

You should be jealous of me!! I seriously still can't believe that this was free! I went to a concert at the Springville Museum of Art.
I've been to many of their community and family nights and they have been fun, but nothing compared to this concert! If I would have known how amazing she was, I would have invited everyone I know to go with me.
Nikki Forova is from Ukraine, trained in piano, dance and voice. She is so talented- really, really talented. She wrote the music on her album, which is now on my wish list.  If you go to her website HERE, you can listen to all of the songs. The bottom left corner has the controls to forward to another song if you'd like. Some of my favorites are After Today, Skylines in Sunlight and Wing to Wing. But I have to say that the videos and songs on her website are good, but do not compare to hearing her in person, right in front of the piano, watching her energy and listening to her voice right there! 

UPDATE: Come to her concert at 420 South 1000 East, Orem Tuesday, January 18th at 7:30. It's a home so don't be surprised when you get there. You can go to her tour info. I don't know what the parking situation is. She'll be doing the concert with April Meservy, who I haven't heard, but sounds fun on her site. Hope to see you there!  

An absolutely amazing artist!!!


  1. It sounds like a fun time!
    I am off to listen to her! :)

  2. Hi visited my blog a few weeks ago and left a lovely I'm returning the compliment! Your blog is fabulous and I've become a nice to visit another LDS! Hugs x

  3. Great post about Nikki Forova.
    Thank you!

  4. Oooo. I really like her song here.


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