Friday, May 6, 2011

Chocolate Recipes Revisited

My days off before school starts on Monday went so very fast. Several days I was busy baking, which is a nice change from never having time to bake. But I didn't dare try something new because the baking was all for Teacher Appreciation Week and I wanted the teachers' treats that I took to the junior high to be great. So take a look at what I made from some of my old posts. I'm hoping to find time for a new post soon.
Creamy Cocoa Cookies with Fat Fudge Frosting

Ultimate Orange Raspberry Brownie Muffin
Pretzel Crusted Caramel and Chocolate Brownie Cups


  1. What a way to show appreciation to the teachers!

  2. Ok, those brownies look divine! Good luck w/school!

  3. lucky teachers! :)

    valerie, you are so sweet & kind to everyone you encounter. that's such a wonderful quality. i hope to be as good with that talent as you are. ::hugs::

    thanks for reminding me that this is a righteous desire. too often i get in a mind-set of "little old me." basically, i figure who am i to ask the God of EVERYTHING to listen to little old me whine & cry? there are so many other pressing needs & concerns throughout the universe, that i feel like my request doesn't really deserve a place at the top of His to-do list. but righteous desires are what he's wanting to hear from His children, right? gosh, i'm so grateful for your perspective, val. you are one amazing lady. thank you. luv ya! ::hugs::

  4. Oh my. These all looked so delectable.. and I feel happy to know what those chocolate cookies taste like. -- Everything you make is yummy!

    I saw the picture of you on Lesa's blog. You look so great!

    I hope you have a beautiful Mothers day filled with Love and Joy.

    Thank you for your comments and sentiments on my blog lately. They feel like hugs.. and I am so grateful we are friends!

  5. Once again, I come here and promptly gain 15 pounds. Your blog has that effect on me.

    Glad you had a moment to enjoy baking and take a deep breath or two.

    Hopefully your batteries are recharged enough to be able to tackle another semester of REALLY hard classes.

    That pretzel cupcake looks lurvly.

  6. Yay for having time to do something you enjoy so much! I hope you got to enjoy some fruit of your labors though!!

  7. Oh, those look so amazing. I can't wait to try a few of these. The last one looks awesome!!

  8. Oh my... that last picture... it's, it's... why don't we live closer again? I could be your official sampler. :D

  9. all the treats look so yummy!!! I need some! :)

  10. I wish I was one of those teachers!!


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