Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ultimate Orange-Raspberry Brownie Muffins with White Chocolate

You know the other day when I posted Alex's sugar cookie recipe and I let you all think that I actually had some kind of self-control when it comes to dessert since I didn't eat any cookies??? Well, I didn't have any cookies, but it's only because I also made these brownie muffins and I ate one of these instead. Now you know my secret. I have NO willpower at all. Yeah, it was never a secret.

I used the recipe that I've used for years for Ultimate Brownie Muffins as a base. I always make them into mini muffins. One of these days I'll have to take another picture of them because the photo I have on that post does NOT do the chocolatey goodness justice! (The muffin recipe is at the end of the post. It was at the beginning of my blog when I posted a bunch of recipes in a single post.)

This time I decided to make them more special-and full muffin size so it would be faster. I grated orange peel into the batter and used orange juice instead of vanilla. I chopped some white chocolate baking squares (white chocolate chips would work great) and threw that into the batter too. Then I filled the muffin cups half-way, spooned a little raspberry pie filling into the middle, and covered that with more batter. These muffins are great as is, but I thought I'd make them even MORE special since they were for Alex's birthday celebration so I put some chocolate frosting and more raspberry pie filling on top.


  1. First!!! Giggle :D

    You crack me up. You sound just like me, hold back on one thing only to eat another. These look so beautiful - Yummy and pretty too what a combo!

  2. Yum is right! I was told this week by an aunt who has lived in England that when we move there next month to pack several boxes of cake and brownie mix. Evidently real cakes, cupcakes, and brownies are super expensive there - a rare treat hard to come by. SO! May I use your recipe to impress my new British friends? Do you think Ultimate Orange Raspberry Brownie Muffins with White Chocolate will work with (herbal) tea?.....

  3. They really look Yummy. You have lots of beautiful stuff in your page.

    I have limited resources available in India for baking still I try my best on weekends.

  4. I would still call that self control--you could have eaten 4-5 cookies AND a couple brownies! We save where we can! ;)
    (I'd have gone for the brownies over sugar cookies, no contest!

  5. Looks good! I went to a friend's house tonight and she's pregnant and not supposed to eat sugar so we helped rid the house of sugary goodness to save her from the same fate. Sometimes it's a good thing, right?


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