Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Am I Saying?

"On those days when we're not ready to stop being offended, not ready to forgive, still determined to dish out the silent treatment, what we're actually saying is, 'Thanks, but I don't want to become more like the Savior today. Maybe tomorrow, but not today.' Perhaps those are the times when we need to pray the hardest, the times it becomes clear that a change in behavior is not enough--that we must have a change in nature."
Sheri Dew, "Saying It Like It Is"

"Nephi said, 'I will go and do' not 'I will sit and stew'." 
John Bytheway


  1. Love both these quotes today Valerie!! I think you said it all.

  2. These are amazing. I am definitely more of the sit and stew type, so it's a good reminder for me...thank you. :) This is Devon, by the darn google is not behaving.

  3. I've never heard that John Bytheway quote. Perfect for me lately! Thank you.

  4. Oooo, I use the John Bytheway quote with the children often. Thanks for sharing Sister Dew's remarks.

  5. Great quotes. I like the picture too.

  6. These quotes are great reminders! I need to remember Sis Dew's quote often! BTW... your blog seems to hate me. It won't let me sign in and leave comments. :) Love ya, Heather


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