Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Staycation

I was gonna try to squash all our remaining staycation activities in one post, but it would be too many photos for anyone to go through. So here are the next three days after days 1 and 2.

On day 3 we were supposed to go to Sundance, but there were lots of clouds and the forecast said thunderstorms all day. I have bad luck with Sundance. Remember last year? Thunderstorms at Sundance then and several other days that I have planned the little trip this summer. So we figured out a plan B and went to Color Me Mine, a ceramic studio, where the kids each chose something and painted it. They each had such fun ideas and they all came out so great. 

Gotta mention Elisa's hair. Look at that! She had done that to her hair the day before and planned on going to Lagoon like that, but I told her that it would come out and all over on the roller coasters so she had taken it down. I know you can't see it well, but it got a few stares and hushed comments. "Did you see that girl's hair???" So funnnnny! 
The artists hard at work
They painted their pieces and then we left them. Then a few days later, after being glazed and fired by the studio, we picked them up. Look how different the colors look in the after pics.
 This is Sabrina's mug
Elisa's bowl
And Alex's bowl--He painted half of it for BYU and the other half (on opposite sides on the inside and outside) the colors and letters for his high school

Another day, we went to my brother Jared and his wife Debbie's house to visit with them and my nephews and spend some time at their pool. As usual lately, I didn't get any photos of the adults and I didn't even get a photo of Alex, who didn't want to swim.

After swimming, my brother had to go to work and the kids all played while Debbie, a super hostess, made a delish dinner for all of us.

I love how my nephews have different colored eyes from each other just like my kids.
The next day was Saturday and it was cloudless so we could have gone to Sundance, but I wanted to go on a weekday for less crowds. So instead we went to hike at Rock Canyon behind the Provo LDS temple. It was hot and Alex and Sabrina lagged way behind and complained the whole time so we didn't actually hike very long. We were passing someone who was coming down the trail when he told us he had seen a scorpion on the trail just ahead. Elisa told me not to tell Alex and Sabrina because it would give them another excuse to leave.
This was the calm part of the water. All the way up (as far as we went), we could hear and sometimes see the rapid waters. Almost everyone who passed us had earphones in, listening to music. They missed the awesome sounds of the water and the birds and all the other nature sounds.


  1. Your staycation is just what I like--Color Me Mine and hiking our beautiful canyons is always fun!

  2. This looks like my kind of getaway. I love coming home to my own bed!! I will tell you though, the kids will remember this, they will have fun, and they won't remember all the complaining they did about it. Been there!!!

  3. Looks like you are filling their days with great things to make memories that last!
    I love the ceramic that they did. So clever. I love the speckles.

    You are such a good mom!

  4. We are planning a staycation for the kids coming up soon. Looks like your was fun!

  5. Your staycation was longer than I realized. You got a lot done in that time. They all did a great job. I would love to see a closeup of Elisa's hair. That I's crazy. Lol


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