Monday, April 13, 2015

Six Months In

Alex's mission is 1/4 of the way over. Wow! In some ways it seems to have gone by fast, but in other ways it seems like I haven't hugged him in forever.

I asked him to tell me about his companion and this was his response:

I think you know more about my companion and the elders in my district than I do through talking with their mothers. As for how well we get along... There hasn't been a fight yet, and things have been really easygoing as a companionship. I don't know what else to say.
Here's his letter this week:

Is anyone else surprised by the fact that I'll have been on a mission
for six months on the 15th (two days for me)? I can't believe how fast
time has flown by, and I bet time will just keep on getting faster. I
have a friend who lives here in yonezawa who has a baby that was born
about the same time I started my mission, and that is really weird to
think about.

This week's kanji is: 食事 which is pronounced show-coo-jee and means meal.

This weeks summary is as follows.

Monday: after emailing we went to get a few things from Daiso, and
also went to a secondhand shop. After that we went back to the
apartment and I made cookies with a mix I got in a package for my
birthday a month ago. In the evening we worked on making a sign for
our English class, and got that basically done.

Tuesday: we tried to visit a lot of people that day, but no one was
home or free to visit at the moment we tried to visit them, so we
finished the sign we worked on the previous night and then handed out
fliers for our English class for an hour after that. We had one high
school student come up to us and say he'd come, and there were a lot
of cars that passed by and saw the sign. After that we tried to visit
some people, but they were busy so we only got to talk for a short
while. We biked back home and called it a night since it was getting

Wednesday: we went to go visit someone who said he might have
interest, but he said that he was fine with his religion right now, so
we left. We then traveled from there (the very north of town) to the
church (on the southern side) and planned our English class. We then
tried visiting a few more people, but none were home, so we went back
home, had dinner and then taught English class. We had a few new
people come, and had a total of 13 people there; that's a lot more
than normal. We had fun with ping pong and talking afterwards, and
closed the night with that.

Thursday: we had a good district training meeting in the morning
followed with trying to visit a few people who were pretty far away
and on the outskirts of town (we saw a "welcome to yonezawa" sign at
one point), but no one was home. We then worked on getting videos for
an Easter video mashup for an Easter party we're having on the 18th.
That took a while, and took until we needed to go back to the

Friday: we tried to get English class posters up in some schools, and
one of them said they would, the other didn't. We then visited a
friend of a member with the member, but she was busy, so we could only
talk for a short time. We then went back to the apartment and planned
for the next week that took a while, and we then called people. One of
the people we called talked for 40 minutes, and we didn't have much
time to call people after him because it was getting late.

Saturday: we watched the morning session of Satuday's General
conference, followed by an hour break for food, and then the afternoon
session followed by a lesson with Sister Keiko. She and her friend
both showed a lot of interest in the resurrection, and so we talked a
lot about that; we committed them to read Alma 40-41 to learn more
about the resurrection. We then watched priesthood session of General
conference, and then met with three friends and ate ramen with them a
delicious ramen shop. We then went back home and had language study
for the rest of the night

Sunday:  we watched the Sunday morning session of conference with an
hour break for food, and then the afternoon session. When that ended,
we went and tried to visit a woman our ward mission leader asked us to
visit. We talked to her for a bit, and she said that she wants to take
the lessons again, but he doesn't have time at the moment. We then
went back to the apartment, finished up weekly planning, got some
language study in, and then visited a friend nicknamed Hudson (he's
Chinese). We talked for a while, and he even gave us some
chrysanthemum tea (very delicious and word of wisdom approved!) We
then ate dinner and finished the night.

I hope that this return to normalcy (some may not know what I'm
referring to, so let's just say that I'm imperfect ;) ) is good, and
that your week will be great! I love you all from the bottom of my
heart, and pray for you all daily.

Elder ______
No details on these two fish photos. It's his companion Elder F.

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