Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Utah Local: Wildflower Studios

My kids are creative and artistic and they enjoy expressing themselves through art and music. One activity we have done before is painting pottery and we have some fun pieces from doing that.

When Elisa was on choir tour recently, Sabrina and I were trying to figure out something fun to do so we went to a new place in Spanish Fork called Wildflower Studios where you choose a bisque piece and paint it and they fire it in a kiln.

It's at 1274 E. Center Street in Spanish Fork right near Highway 6 in the shopping strip with Domino's and across the street from the gas station right on that corner.

You go in and choose a piece, which has the price on it, on take it to the table. You pay a studio fee in addition to that price to cover the paint and firing. I think the studio fee is $5 - $7 depending on the size of the piece. There are lots of little animal figurines and fun stuff for kids and also vases or dishes for more adult décor. They have some unique pieces, Disney pieces, small ones, large ones.

So we found our pieces and sat down to paint, only I could not figure out what to paint on my plate. I am not creative and artistic like my children so I was afraid to start painting. I didn't want to end up with a colorful blob. I ended up slowly, but surely, with a bird on my plate.
Sabrina chose a small cup and saucer. For a few months she wanted to paint a cup that said, "Fuzby and Murphy", the names of her two hamsters. Murphy died just a few days before we went to Wildflower Studios, but she still wanted to paint that.
Here's a look around the studio from the table I was sitting at.

 Sabrina wasn't happy with her stencil work (they have lots of stencils there for you to use), but it's a special piece for her.

After being fired in the kiln, the paint colors look different.

Here is Fuzby in his cup, trying to get out.
And introducing Sabrina's newest hamster, Gus, who she bought after painting the cup and saucer. She plans on making him something soon too.

Ruby and Robin are the owners who enjoy art and love making this experience available to people in southern Utah County. I like to support small, local businesses and I hope many people go have fun there and support them so it can stay open for a long time to come. Go there for your child's birthday party, bridal shower, group date, family night or just for fun. And right now is a GREAT time to go make something for Mother's Day for a loving lady.

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