Monday, June 22, 2015

Beat the Heat!

Alex's weekly letters with 2 photos:

I have been traveling around quite a bit, and it is cool to see the sights of the town. I really hope I can teach a lesson to a nonmember soon too, because I know that the Lord has prepared people for me here in Hachinohe, and I want to find them. But I must be patient in the Lord's timing, and do all that I can to talk to everyone I can.

We've eaten pancakes recently, but besides that, I don't really think I've eaten American food since coming to Japan. Even if you go to american restaurants they aren't american food, because they are catered towards the tastes of Japanese people. I also don't think the food is too much different here in Hachinohe verses Yonezawa, but it's hard to say. I haven't eaten anything too different here at any rate.

And no, not much disappointing things happen. I can't think of any anyway. I have been blessed so much by the Lord that any disappointment is swallowed up in His atonement.

There is too much stuff that happened this week for me to write all of
down, so I'll give a very quick synopsis of the different days. It was
a very great week though!

The Kanji of the week is: 自転車 pronounced "ji-ten-sha" and means bicycle.

On monday we went to a few stores, but besides that all we did was
relax until the evening. In the evening we went around and housed for
a while, but not much happened then.

Tuesday we went searching for some old investigators and less active
members, but all the people who opened the doors that we could find
were not the same people. We couldn't find one of the houses, and some
of them weren't home. We did get another poster hung up though.

Wednesday we went to a different area of town and looked for people
there. We didn't find many people, but two of them the wife said we
could come back when the husband is there, so we'll be following up on
that. We also did english class, but there wasn't too much to say
about that.

Thursday we did weekly planning, had a practice lesson with a member,
and handed out fliers for our english class. There were a couple of
people who seemed like they might come, so I hope they do. We also
looked for some more old investigators, but didn't find any of them.
Thanks to Elder F.'s mom for sending me this photo!

Friday, we went to Morioka for a conference with one of the seventies.
His name is Elder Ringwood, and he is a very spiritual man. I was very
impressed that he knew all of our names, and whenever we raised our
hands, he would call us by name. I don't know if he had come prepared
or if he memorized them all when we shook his hand and introduced
ourselves, but either way it was way cool. I am glad to have been
there and felt the spirit so strongly.

Saturday we had a barbecue with the ward. We had it for away for a
bike (and up-hill), so we left in the morning to get there on time.
There were a lot of english class students who came, and also some
less active members. We had tons of fun with eating and talking, and
some fun games we had prepared. I had hurt my foot a couple of weeks
ago when chairs fell on it, and it just now started causing problems,
but I got a blessing from my companion and that helped a lot. The foot
isn't broken, so I just need to rest it a bit. Hard to do on a
missionary schedule, but I'm doing what I can. It will all turn out
alright, so no one worry about it okay?

Sunday was full of church, a quick lesson with a recent convert, and
sign language class. Besides that all we did was study.

I hope you all have a great week, and I truly do love you all!


Elder ______


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