Sunday, June 14, 2015

Full Week, Empty Brain

Alex's letter with a whole 1 photo.....

This week was full of so much stuff, and we got so much done in it.
Even then, it feels like the week has gone by without us doing much. I
think part of the reason is that most of the things we have done
haven't had immediate results, so patience is needed to start seeing
fruits of our labors.

This week's kanji is: pronounced "she-mah" and means island.

Monday was fun, and we went around to a lot of stores just for the fun
of it. Elder B. got some shirts, but that was about it. We also
stayed at the church for a while and just relaxed. In the evening, we
tried to update some less active member information on the iPads, but
there was a problem with the application part way through. We went to
a store close to our apartment to try and get wifi to send a problem
report email, but the store didn't end up having wifi. We went to a
couple more places, but they didn't have any either. We didn't end up
getting the email sent, but it was quite an adventure. That took a lot
longer than we thought, and when we got back to the apartment it was
the end of the day already.

Tuesday was rainy the entire day. We went up to an area called
"Hachinohe New Town," and housed around there. There was some
interesting conversations and I hope that there are some fruits from
it. That took a chunk of time, both getting up the mountain and
housing, but it was really quick on the way back down. We then
translated for the sisters some videos that we all need to watch but
are only available in English with no subtitles. After that was done,
we helped them with a free family English program lesson for the
English part. We then took the kids and entertained them. The member
that helped us out was really good with the kids (he has taught
preschool before, so he knew some good tricks). That lasted for a
while, and it was fun.

Wednesday we were the only two missionaries in Hachinohe for a
majority of the day, because the other Elders and the sisters both had
to go to Sendai to get their new companions/go to their new areas. We
went to seminary in the morning, and after that and our daily studies,
we went to the sign language class. It was fun, and although there
were fewer people than usual, I enjoyed it. After that, we went to a
members house and had a practice lesson with him. It was interesting,
and he gave us some good pointers. We then tried to find the house of
a boy we met the other week, and after finding it talked to him for a
bit. We then explored the area a bit and then headed back to the
apartment. When we got back the others were there, and that was the
end of the day.

Thursday we went out very far away yet still in the "city" to find a
less active member. We quickly found out that he wasn't living there
anymore, so we housed for a bit. After that, we went around town and
got quite a few posters hung up for our English class. That took the
entire day, but we got a lot hung up.

Friday we made more posters, and then went to a busy street and street
contacted using a questionnaire we came up with. We also hung up a few
posters. Again that was our entire day, except for when we tried to
find a less active member; again he no longer lived there, and the
apartment he was supposed to have lived in didn't exist anymore.

Saturday and Sunday were fun, and full of quite a bit of driving. We
went up to Aomori on Saturday and up to Misawa on Sunday for District
conference. It was a very spiritual meeting, and I got to meet members
from all over the Aomori district. It was fun, and I loved it. We even
had one of the other's investigators come with us on Sunday (he drove
us there and back). I liked it a lot.

I hope you all have a great week, and want you all to know that I love
you from the bottom of my heart.


Elder _______


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  1. Don't you just love the people of Japan? My son served in the Tokyo South Mission, his favorite area was Hachioji. The people are so kind and humble.
    Alex looks like he is having such a great experience and doing so great.


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