Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June Message

Alex didn't send me a single photo this week, but Sister Smith, the mission president's wife, posted this photo of the zone training so I got to see a photo of him anyway.

This week has been a great week, and I have lots to share about it. I
don't think I can share it all though, so I'll share highlights of the

This week's kanji is: 奉献 pronounced "ho-ken," and means consecrate.

Monday was a very normal day, and we didn't really do too much. At
night we had do finish up our weekly planning because of the crazy
schedule we had for the weekend.

Tuesday after lunch ended, we started a mission wide fast we were
asked to participate in. It was a bit different than your normal
breakfast and lunch fast, but despite being abnormal to the average
member, it was one of the most spiritual times I've had on my mission.
I went a whole day without food or water while biking around in the
heat, and through the infinite goodness of God no harm came upon me.

Wednesday we had a district meeting where we sang hymns, bore our
testimonies, felt the spirit strongly, and closed it off with a
special re-dedicatory prayer said by the district leader to
re-dedicate ourselves as full purpose missionaries. I am surprised at
the amount of energy I still have from that re-dedication, and I have
seen many good things come in just this short time since that

Thursday was once again splits, and me and my friend from the MTC went
out into the world by ourselves to preach the gospel. We had a great
time, and got to talk to lots of people and have some interesting
stories. One of which was when we went to see if we could have a
poster hung up in a local high school. We got it approved fairly
quickly (they didn't even hesitate to take it), and when we walked
outside there were two boys who were watching us. I started to talk to
one of them in English to see if he liked English, and he said he
liked it. I started to explain that we teach an English class in
English too, but he looked confused, so I started to speak to him in
Japanese. His friend heard me start to speak Japanese and quickly ran
and got his friends saying, "HE CAN SPEAK JAPANESE YO!" We gave them
all English class fliers, and hopefully they come sometime.

Friday was a Zone Training Meeting, so we went all the way up again to
Aomori. The training was great and I had a fun and spiritual time. We
had lunch, and afterwards me and Elder B. missed the train we
meant to take by a minute. We hopped on the next train (an hour
later), and ended up meeting a boy who's parents are from America, but
he was born and raised in Japan. He speaks both languages fluently,
and he loved talking to us. He said he wants to come and learn more
about American culture some time, and he seemed to have interest in
the church as well. We'll see what happens.

Saturday was mostly planning for the next week, and teaching English
class. Not too much to say about that day.

Sunday one of our friends from English class came to church to say
goodbye to a friend who will be transferring soon (it is transfer
weeks, and I'm staying in Hachinohe). She and her daughter had a
wonderful time, and it was so amazing that they came. They seem like
they might want to learn more, and am so glad they were able to feel
the spirit yesterday.

I hope that you are all doing well, and I love you all. My prayers are
ever with you.


Elder _______

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