Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Better Plan

I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I'm on the treadmill I do or I go crazy. I was flipping through channels and stopped on Oprah's Master Class, where Robin Roberts was talking. I just saw a couple of minutes of it, but I loved what she said and I've been thinking about it. When I decided to look for the quote today, I actually found a clip with the short part that I saw so I included it below.

I love the thought that optimism is like a muscle that needs to be used to be stronger, but the part that I kept thinking about is this...

"God answers us in 3 ways: Yes, not yet, and I have something ever better in mind."

Many of us think of that third one as, "No. I can't give you what you want." Even when we know our Father in Heaven is omniscient, knowing all, and that he is loving, wanting to bless us, we still feel a sting when He does not grant our desires when we feel they are right.

But, like Robin says, if it is a no, there is always a reason and it is because He knows what is best for us and it will be better than anything we cold ever plan or hope for. So the next time that I don't get what I pray for, I will try my best to see that it is because I am headed toward something so much better.

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