Sunday, August 30, 2015

Broken Bows

I have the pleasure of knowing Jennifer Paustenbaugh, the University Librarian at BYU, and her family, and hearing her speak many times, always engaging the listener and always bringing the Spirit into the room. She recently had the terrifying opportunity to give the BYU Devotional Address and I'm sharing it with you in case you didn't get to see it yet.

Jennifer recounts the Book of Mormon story of Nephi when he breaks his bow, leaving the family with no way to get meat, which was their main source of food and likens it to our own adversity.

"Like Nephi, each one of us is likely to experience the breaking of a bow—a major life challenge that has all the makings of a personal or family disaster or one that has all the makings of an opportunity to grow."

Jennifer states 6 principles that we can learn from this story and she uses personal examples to illustrate them.
  • Pray
  • Do
  • Turn to Priesthood Leaders
  • Read the Scriptures
  • Feel Gratitude in Your Circumstances
  • Expect Miracles
I feel like I personally am pretty good at some of these, but I need to work hard at others. For example, DO. I cannot just pray and read my scriptures and expect my problems to be worked out for me without my action. In that action, that doing, is where I will learn, progress and find blessings. I cannot let fear or indecision keep me from doing.

You can watch her devotional below or read the transcript BYU Speeches.
                                           Go, Jennifer! :)

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