Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I upgraded to Windows 10 on my computer and my photos are not downloading right from Alex's emails now. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, but until I get that figured out, I can't post his other pics. Luckily, I downloaded one of them, the one of him, before the upgrade. And the other photo with him and a group of other elders at a conference outside is from another elder's mom. Thanks, Mayumi!

A bit of trivia from Alex's letter to me:
Light goes down fairly early here. Today the weather report says that sunset is at 6:30. But the sunrise was at 4:30 so the time is getting shorter on both ends.

Alex's letter to everyone:
I don't have too much to say today, so let's get right into it!

The kanji of the week is: 賛美歌 pronounced "saun-bee-kah," and means Hymn.

Monday I don't have too much to say about. The day was mostly just
relaxing, and in the evening we had family home evening. But no one
except for our investigator showed up. It was good though, and we had
fun with him.

Tuesday, my companion had a bad headache all day, so he rested while I
cleaned the apartment. That's all we did, but our apartment needed it,
and I'm grateful for the spirit it brought into our apartment. It was
a good cleaning of the inner vessel (General Conference, October 2010,
President Boyd K. Packer)

Wednesday we had home teaching and a practice lesson with a member. It
went well, but I don't have to much to say about that. We didn't have
too much time for anything else, because we had dinner, and English
class that day. It was lots of fun, and something that I've learned to
do to give English class is to draw pictures that have to do with the
theme on the whiteboard. It's fun, and gives me a chance to practice

Thursday we went on companion exchanges with the zone leaders. I
stayed in Hachinohe and worked with a fellow American for the first
time in a while. We went and did street contacting for the majority of
the day, and I learned a lot from him on how to approach people. That
day we were able to give out 4 copies of the Book of Mormon, which was
a big difference from the 0 we usually get. I look forward to keep up
that trend as we both try our best and improve our own skills.

Friday was weekly planning. We had a lot to figure out this next week,
and so that was took up the entire day. It was needed planning though,
so I'm glad that we got it out of the way.

Saturday was the big showing of Meet the Mormons. It was good, and we
had lots of member there (the most important part in my opinion).
There were also a couple of English class students, and from talking
to them afterwards, they seemed to like the movie a lot. We had
planned on giving out a Book of Mormon to each person who was a
non-member, and as at the end of the movie there was only one
non-member, we gave one to her. It was great experience, because our
mission president talked with her for a while and you could feel the
spirit strongly. After that event, the mission president and his wife
took us out to eat. We were going to go a couple of places, but there
were too many people, so we ended up going to McDonalds. I like
McDonalds here more though, so it was fine and lots of fun.

Sunday was church, as usual, and as usual, I loved the cleansing and
renewing power of the atonement. We also had fun with sign language
class, and I am glad for the things I am learning from them. We then
went home, and had our apartment inspected by the mission president.
We passed, and he then left for the long drive back to the mission
home. The rest of the day was studying.

That was my week, and I am ever praying for all of your safety and
love. I pray that you all can feel that you have a Father in Heaven
that cares about you and knows you personally. I know that He does,
and that He wants you to know so.

Elder ________

This looks like a bunch of trees, but there is one looooong branch from a tree on the left side and the branch is being held up by posts. 

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  1. I love seeing his pictures. He looks so happy.
    You have raised such a great missionary.

    Hope you get windows 10 working. I'm waiting on it myself.


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