Monday, January 18, 2016

Late Winter

I asked Alex if the snow was sticking yet (since he said before that it wasn't even though it usually is by the middle of January). I also asked him if he had played Go recently. If you haven't heard of it, it's supposed to be the oldest board game still around today, originating in China. It's a strategic game kind of like chess. I've heard some people say it's like playing 4 chess boards at once. A few years before his mission, Alex got a Go game and seemed to have mastered it immediately. It's so frustrating playing with him because I have no chance of winning. He had told me early in his mission that he got to play it a few times. Here's his response to my 2 questions:

It finally snowed here (and is sticking), so we planned on just relaxing at the apartment for as much as we can. It's pretty fun in our eyes though. I haven't played any GO lately, unfortunately. I need to find some way of using that for missionary work, or something. We are doing well, and although I did get sick yesterday, I wasn't disabled, and I'm doing well! I am definitely warm and safe.

Just a few notes about his letter below. 

  • Elder Yamashita is a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, serving in the Asia North Area Presidency. 
  • The couch they took over to the member's house (and attempted to take to her last week) was moved through the town on a small cart from the church where they were storing it to her house.

After two whole months and a few days of hearing people say it was
going to start snowing soon, it finally has begun. We have snow now,
and that means we'll probably be walking from now on. I'll miss riding
bikes, but at least it gives us an opportunity to serve others! I love
the snow! 

 My scripture of the week still hasn't been decided, so I can't send it. Sorry! 

 The kanji of the week is: 漫画 pronounced "mahn-gah" and means comic
books (usually Japanese style). Also for those who pay attention to
this part, last week I messed up on the pronunciation of the word,
which was actual "Ray-zo-ko," not "cone." 

 Anyway, Monday was pretty normal this week, and I don't have anything
to say about the day time, and the night time was just finding (street
contacting as usual). 

 Tuesday we were invited to eat lunch with a member in Izumi and the
rest of the district, so we did that. Then we came back and finished
our studies that we didn't do on the bus. The rest of the day was
spent finding, as usual. 

 Wednesday, we had a lot of finding. Then in the evening we had English
class. We had our lucky number of four students (an unlucky number
here, though). It was a fun class, and had some good discussions with

 Thursday we spent all day down in Sendai learning under Elder
Yamashita. He is such a great guy, and he loves all of us so much. He
has great English, and the spirit is so great around him. That's
basically all that happened that day. 

 Friday we did weekly planning, followed by trying to visit a couple of
less active members. One of them we actually got to talk to, and have
a good discussion about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ
through Joseph Smith, and salvation for the dead, with the turning of
the hearts of the fathers to the children and vice verse. Then we did
lots of street contacting with a break of dinner in between the two

 Saturday we had a gyoza party (pot stickers) at the church, and had a
great time. They were hand-made, and tons of fun. We got to help
prepare all of the fillings, and then everyone who came helped fold
and cook them. They tasted delicious! Then we visited with a less
active, and we were able to bear a strong testimony to her about the
importance of coming to church, even if you're tired. I know that
going to church and taking the sacrament gives you energy to put up
with the rest of the week. The rest of the day followed the ending
schedule from Friday. 
Snickerdoodles I made from a mix my family sent me in my Christmas package. They were yummy!

 Sunday we had a great time in a church that still smelled like the
gyoza from the previous day. It was really spiritual, and lots of fun.
I loved all three hours of it. After church, we took a couch over to a
less active's house, and she was so happy. She also said that after
two years of not coming to church, she has made the resolution to come
back to church, starting next week! So glad to hear that she wants the
help of the Lord in her life! We then studied, and stayed out street
contacting and housing for the rest of the night. 

 That's my week! I hope you all had great weeks too, and I hope you all
know how much I love you! 


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