Sunday, January 4, 2009

The many celebrations in December

December has come and gone, along with another year. We were very busy, but had a good month. We went up to Salt Lake for our nephew’s baby blessing and we were able to see our other nephew and all the family. It was very special since we don’t get to see our nephews very often. The ward my brother and sister-in-law have been attending temporarily until their new home is built is also Elder L. Tom Perry’s ward. We didn’t think he would actually be there since he is so busy and is often gone on assignment, but he was there! I had never been in a sacrament meeting with an apostle. He just sat up in the front silently, but I wished he would share his testimony. I’ll get to hear it during General Conference though.

Sabrina’s birthday was this month and she had been planning her party for months. Of course, she changed her mind about what kind of party right up until a week before the party so it wasn’t that well planned, but most 6-year olds don’t care. She had 3 parties in a row. One was with her friends, the next day was her actual birthday so we celebrated with just us, and then the next day we went to my mom and dad’s and celebrated with all of the family. On Christmas Eve we had dinner together, sang some Christmas carols and then had a prayer. Then we each opened one gift. Here was the gift Elisa opened from Sabrina (it’s a sleeping mask). Then the kids went to bed so Santa could come, but the girls were so excited they couldn’t go to sleep. The kids are waiting to see what gifts Santa brought. As usual, Dad doesn’t want to get out of bed.

And the race is on! A few years ago I started a tradition that we wear silly socks on Christmas. We put them on before we go downstairs to open presents and wear them all day. I planned ahead for this year and bought these at an after-Christmas sale. They were each only 29 cents! Other years we’ve bought ones with hippos or bright stripes or lips, just about anything. I love thinking of Jesus and the special reminders of him during December. I also enjoy spending time with my family. One thing I don’t like about December is the snow! We had a nice warm fall and I knew the snow was coming, but I still don’t like it or the cold temperatures. I guess it helps me appreciate the warm weather that follows…eventually.

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  1. You too have a beautiful family and thank you so much for your comment that you left me.

    Happy New Year!!!


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