Thursday, January 1, 2009

Striving for still

A couple of months ago, my children and I were playing a game called Druthers (one of my fun gifts last year) where each person takes a turn choosing a card and reading from it. It is a sentence that you fill in the last part with whatever you (the person who chose the card) thinks or feels. Then everyone tries to guess your answer. You can always answer 5) which is blank, but you have to come up with an answer that you think they think.

For example, Sabrina chose a card that says: My favorite snack is 1) cookies 2) a candy bar 3) fruit. She chose fruit. We all got that right since she does not have a sweet tooth. (She didn't get that from me!) I forgot to mention that the young kids cards only have 3 choices and no blank to come up with.

Well, I drew a card that said,

"A 'rush' is...

1) when you're in a hurry
2) a play in football
3) how you pledge a fraternity
4) a thrill from excitement
5) ____________

I am supposed to choose which of those defines rush to me, so I choose #1, which is what Alex and Elisa both thought I would choose. Sabrina said #5 so she had to say what she thought I said. She said, "You think rush is when the missionaries are coming to dinner." We all laughed because it is sad, but very true! We have the blessing of having the missionaries over for dinner a few times a month. I love it, but I always put too much on my to-do list before they come and I am rushing around and recruiting helpers to help me rush around.
After hearing Sabrina's answer, I remembered the scriptures and quotes that I have posted here before about peace and the importance of being still. I am teaching my children the opposite and I don't want to. So I have been very careful since then to start on everything early and to convince myself that I don't have to make so many different dishes and everything will still turn out okay. I think I've done better the last few times we've had guests, but I'm still working on it. Thank you to Sabrina for helping me to see what I was doing.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi. I LOVE yours! I have to tell you that your posting about science was amazing. I have always loved science (my dad and many of my uncles are scientists) and I, too, love watching the science shows on cable. I have been doing medical transcription for 13 years and I agree so much that we have amazing bodies-what miracles they are! (especially after witnessing the birth of grandchildren) So I have to tell you that no-you are not crazy-I loved your idea. Sorry this comment is so long but I really enjoyed reading your "ponderings" and wanted to tell you. I'll be back!


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