Monday, October 12, 2009

A Blogger First for Me!

Saturday was the bake sale for Kamilla. It wasn't a huge success, not even close to what we raised in July, but not too bad for October. So many ladies donated food. We didn't even have room for it all on the tables. We had, sugar, sugar and MORE sugar, but Kamilla's grandparents also made their famous empanadas.

They are from Argentina and make these unforgettable empanadas that no photograph could do justice. You just have to taste them for yourself. We have ordered dozens for parties or showers before and they all good, from the first to the last!

As for my blogging first, I woke up Saturday morning and was running around trying to get ready for the bake sale when I decided to check my email. I read that Connie from I Started Out as a Child had left a comment on my blog saying that she and her daughter, Camille from Make It Work Mom would be stopping by the bake sale. I had pretty recently found their blogs and been reading and commenting on them and they were even nice enough to come to my blog.

We were at the bake sale and had set things up when I realized that I had forgotten the BYU footballs so I ran home to pick them up. While I was gone, Connie and Camille (or Camille and Connie--I don't want either to feel in second place) were there already. It was so nice of them to take time out of their day and away from the yard sale they had going that day to come and help Kamilla. It was great to meet some blogging friends in real life (even though we didn't get to chat long)!
Now onto some quick updates on my children----
Alex was so excited to take sewing as an elective this year and is doing really well in it. Here he is with his biggest project so far, a pillowcase. He loved that fabric and it was the object of a lot of conversation in class. You can tell he loves it since he is actually smiling in a picture. He's working on a pair of pajama pants now, which works out well since he has outgrown his current ones.
Elisa is going to the orthodontist today for x-rays for her braces. So we'll have 2 children with braces on at the same time. She isn't looking forward to it, but I'm so glad that she can get them while she's young.
Just had to share a little silly about Elisa. She found a long hair on her shirt and held it up to look at it. She saw the end and said, "Look there's DNA," at which point I immediately thought, "Oh, how scientific", but then she added, "or a booger".
Sabrina still loves first grade and being at school all day, but sometimes cries at home because she misses her kindergarten teacher, who teaches at a different school this year.
Last week we were at the store and she was begging me for frozen pizza, which we rarely get. She was standing in front of the frozen food doors, jumping, and said, "Mom, I don't care if it has broccoli on it (which makes her gag and sometimes puke), I just want pizza so bad." We got the pizza, but no broccoli.


  1. It was so fun to meet you in real life! Sorry to hear the bake sale wasn't as successful as you had hoped, but we definitely benefited from it! Definitely the best empanadas I've had in a long time! Good luck to Kamilla!

  2. Valerie, it was so cool of you to have these bake sales ... any money is good to go to the fund. Those empanadas look really yummy. How fun to meat Camille and Connie!

    I love Alex's pillow case - really fun with the dragons. I love oriental stuff.. it looks like it will be really soft to sleep on. My son loved sewing too in a class he took in school. He is now in a cooking class... I say all the better for a great missionary!

    Your daughters are darling!

  3. Too much fun stuff! I love bake sales! I wish I could have come!

  4. That's so neat that you got to meet some of your blog friends! Sorry your sale didn't raise as much money as the last ones. It's amazing how much you do for other people. You are amazing.

    Alex's pillowcase looks really nice. Is he going to make a bedspread to go with it?

  5. It was so nice to meet you. You are beautiful and such a sweetie to help organize the fundraiser. I hope you keep us updated on Kamilla.
    My son took sewing in school and made a pillow case (not as cool as Alex's)and pajama bottoms too! It's fun to see them learn new skills. Don't you love the orthodontist? We had all 8 kids in braces! But it makes such a difference to the self-esteem when they're off!
    Darling kids! Have a great day!

  6. My husband took sewing in high school. It's a very handy skill for a husband to possess! Good job to your son!


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