Friday, October 30, 2009

What's the Next Holiday After Halloween?

The movie New Moon is coming out next month as many of you know (and some of you have been counting down the days for a while now!). I’ve never been to a Twilight party myself, but have heard of MANY of them so I’d imagine the New Moon parties will be starting soon. I found a few ideas to share for your party, but even if you don’t like Twilight, take a peek at the last photo!

I love all the fun and elegant party ideas Jennifer always has on her totally amazing blog Hostess with the Mostess and she has lots of ideas for Twilight parties posted already. She also said that a New Moon party post will be up soon. Of course, those will have more wolf Here are a few pics from her blog.

You can even download and print the labels.

I found this blog dedicated to all things Twilight called Tara's Twilight Party . You can get so many ideas there…like these.

The fun place setting idea she came up with to stick a fork (remember where the story takes place) into an apple.

I found this recipe for Vampire Cookies on Recipezaar.

I can’t seem to find many ideas for the wolf-pack part of the story yet. I’m sure lots of creative people out there will start posting them soon. Go, Jacob! (Don’t attack me!)

I’m sure that you have seen lots of great ideas. But what got me thinking about all this since I’m not into Twilight the way so many people are, is this fabulous necklace that I found during my blog browsing. Have you seen it? It would be so fun to give one to each of your guests as a party favor or with the invitation. Wouldn’t they be soooo happy to have something so great? Or you could buy one to wear just for you. And not just to wear at a party, but to the movie and whenever. Can you believe they are only $10??? Sew Simply Sweet
I wanna know…Are you planning a New Moon party?


  1. Seriously Valerie.... I LOVE this blog. I love everything!! I need to have that necklace too! This makes me even more excited to PARTY for New Moon. Thanks for sharing all of these great ideas! I am an addict for Twilight!

  2. Valerie I seriously wish that you could come to my New Moon party!! It would be so fun.
    I have found a couple of these ideas last year and planned on using them but a few are new to me like the fork in the apple - Love that one!!
    Thanks for gathering these and I hope you jump on the bandwagon!!!!

  3. My New Moon Party will be at the SF theater with whomever wants to go with me! You found some fun ideas! Those vampire cookies might be a little too authentic! Yum!

  4. Cute ideas! I've enjoyed the Twilight books, but won't be having a party. I will see the movie, though!

  5. I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon - per se - i didn't read any of the books, but I did go see the first one - out of curiosity. And I must say, I am really, really looking forward to New Moon!! I probably won't go all out like the Hostess with the Mostest did! Looks fun, though! :)

  6. No, but have read the series and will enjoy the new movie.

  7. Thanks for swinging by my blog and leaving a comment. :O) I always like to meet new people in blog land, so I headed over to see what all you have going on. What great looking recipes! I also saw this post. I was just wording some invitations for an Eclipse Party....that I've been planning since New Moon came out. ;o) I'm determined to document the details! Let me know if you run across any fun ideas. :O)


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