Monday, October 26, 2009

Elizabeth's English Bakery & Tea Shop

My sister Sheri watches a lot of British shows and has long wanted to travel to Great Britain, but she has never been (same with me). We decided to go to Elizabeth's English Bakery & Tea Shop in Salt Lake for the first time for a bit of a birthday celebration for my sister’s birthday. I saw it across the street from Trolley Square before, but had never been inside. Just to let you know, you won’t find any pics of us in this post. Sheri really, REALLY doesn’t like her picture taken and I didn’t think it was fun to pose alone. But there are lots of photos here.
Elizabeth’s is inside a cute historic building and right next door to The London Market which I’ll talk about later. There is a driveway in between the two buildings with some parking in the back and the buildings both have entrances from the parking lot and in the front on the street. We parked in the back and went into Elizabeth’s Bakery. There is a large menu on the wall with the savory choices like soup of the day, salad, quiche (large slices), crumpets ($3.50/2), pies/pastries like Curried Vegetable Pasty ($5.85) or Kate & Sydney Pie (Steak & Kidney $6.50), or sarnies also known as sandwiches (cucumber ($3.75) or ham or English Bangers in a sandwich ($4.95)to name a few) to name a few choices. Then they had 2 glass cases with some of the savory pastries and all of the desserts: Tarts, Lamingtons (which I’ve always wanted to try), English scones ($2.25), ├ęclairs, trifles, tea cakes… And you can choose a tea (of course!), or a British soda or other British drink in their refrigerated case, but I opted for water.
Sheri and I actually decided to have the same thing (pretty rare indeed!)—a Cornish pasty ($6.25). Of course, I couldn’t leave without taking a dessert too, so I bought a small lemon tart ($1.95). (I shared it with my children when I got home and my little piece was sooo good—pulp in the lemon curd!) You order at the counter and then take a seat at one of the tables in their not large, but not too small dining room. They send you to your seat to wait for your food to be delivered to you. Instead of handing you a number to stick on your table, they give you a photo of something British. I didn’t see any of the other ones, but we had the Beatles.

The interior is cute with shelves of assorted tea pots (and a few pictures of the queen) on the brick walls. For some reason, this bell boy teapot was my favorite.

We didn’t wait very long for our food to come. Those Cornish pasties were sure big. You could get a side like baked beans or a salad, but I wouldn't have had room for it. It reminded me of an empanada with thicker crust. It had beef sausage, swede (which I later found out was turnips, first time I tried them), onion and carrots. It was pretty good. It was sprinkled with a heavy amount of pepper. I like pepper but it was more than I would normally use and Sheri never eats pepper so it was way too much for her. I know she didn’t like it much, but she never let on just how much she disliked it. I’m honestly not sure I’ve seen her eat something she didn’t like in a very long time. I felt bad since it was supposed to be her birthday celebration. And she didn’t like any of the dessert choices. Some celebration with no dessert!
But after we were done there, we had just a few minutes to check out London Market next door. They have different boxed or canned foods, along with a large assortment of candies and biscuits (cookies). Of course, since they are imported, they aren’t cheap. They aren’t all British. They also have products from Australia, and different parts of Europe, and I assume they are popular in England. They also have British souvenirs and photos and different gifts.
Can you tell this photo below is the candy wall? And they had more than just that wall of candy.
These potato chip bags look like Lay's, but my grocery store doesn't have "Prawn Cocktail" flavor.
Sheri just got a small bag and I spotted a Violet Crumble that I have been wanting for quite a while. It’s a candy bar with a crispy “honeycomb” center that I can’t seem to find anywhere. I shared it with Alex and Elisa at home and they like it too.
I thought it was fun how they (most of the world, I assume) have “Energy” on the nutritional information measured in kJ. That takes me back to chemistry classes. And 8.6 grams of fat in a 50 gram candy bar didn’t seem too bad to me.
Next time I go to the bakery, I’ll get the Cadbury hot chocolate with a dessert. I haven’t decided which one yet. My children really want to be there next time though for treats at the bakery AND the store.

Elizabeth’s English Bakery & Tea Shop
575 S. 700 East
Salt Lake City
(801) 433-1170


  1. I've never heard of a "violet crumble" before. That is craaaazy! I bet they're really good.

  2. That is so neat that something like that is in Salt Lake...makes me wish I lived there just so I could go check it out. I'll just have to put it on my list of things to do next time we are out visiting family!!!

  3. How fun that you found this cute little British bakery right in SLC. I have to tell you that just from the looks of it the food is WAY better than in Britain. I have been there and there is truly no worse food on the earth - ha ha. I thought I would starve in England.
    This food is probably slightly "americanized" to make it more appetizing. The cornish pastry looks yummy and the candy bar is really cool. It is fun how well known American companies will put out different products for different countries.
    Very fun - I am sure you sister loved it even if she doesn't love pepper :D
    I am glad you put the address - it would be fun to visit :D

  4. I actually loved everything I ate while I was in England! Now I'm excited to hav esomewhere to go and get some of my favorites!

  5. Just FYI, If you want the Violet Crumble, it's easier to find under the name of the actual candy that it is: Seafoam Candy. I's my favorite candy. Many candy shops sell it under that name, made at local candy shops, so they are fresher.


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