Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's Really June Already???

Since I don't get to update my blog much at all anymore or even keep in touch with friends like I would like, I'm just posting some random recent photos. It's mostly for my family and friends who actually know us (cuz others just might not care), but you can all enjoy the good music while you're here. This is Taylor Olson, a BYU student and pop/jazz singer/songwriter. We like BYU and good music at our house. If you are around, you can hear her live this Saturday, June 11th at 10:00 at Muse Music Cafe in Provo. She'll be performing and so will some other great women like Jacqueline du Plessis. So click play and look through the photos or listen to her while your reading other windows.

stand alone player

 Alexander and I went to a program at BYU called Foundations that helps prepare kids for college and parents to know what to do to help them (ACT tests, classes to take, GPA requirements, etc.). This was his second year and he loves it. The parents and kids were separated on different sides of the room for this opening session. Before I left him, I told Alexander to go up and dance or answer trivia because that's what they do at the beginning. He said, "No way!" Then they asked for people to get up and tell jokes and he ran right up. (Horrible quality photo, but it was the best of the 4.)
 He came home with free loot!
 We went over to the Provo temple for a quick photo shoot. Only like 10 minutes. It's not easy to get photos of my children without them making silly faces!

 Maria Mercer Adams, my sister's sister-in-law, so kinda, almost my sis-in-law, had an art show at BYU and Sabrina and I went to see it. They are illustrations that she painted for a book that is to introduce newly diagnosed children to Type 1 Diabetes, which Maria has. I am in awe of people with such talent!

 Sabrina loved the apples!
 Maria's mother Lanette and Maria's cousin, who I just met for the first time that night. You can barely see Maria behind her mother's shoulder in the background.
 Maria was so busy talking to friends and family (even an art editor for The Friend was there) so I didn't want to interrupt her for a photo. So I snapped one while she was conversing.
 When we were leaving the art show, Sabrina asked me to take a few photos of her on campus.
 Yeah, we like BYU!
 For my family birthday party, we went to my parents' house and Alex played the fluter while the girls sang a couple of hymns for me. Alex taught himself to play the flute recently and didn't even practice the hymns before he played for us. The girls just decided what they wanted to sing in the car on the way to my parents' house. Lots of talent there too!
My niece turned 2 and I snapped some photos at the party. My sister Heather made the cute cake.
 This is my cousin Angela and her son Sky. As you can tell, she is lots younger than me. I met her either once or twice before she got married and took a trip out to Utah like a year ago. When I was growing up, I only had 2 cousins. Yep, 2 total on my father and mother's sides. A few more came along over the years, but not many and I barely know them. So it's pretty special that she is living in Utah for a few months while her hubby is deployed away from home.

 This is my brother Jared and his wife Debbie. They have the two amazing boys below.

I think that's enough pics for today! My family has probably seen most of these anyway, thanks to Facebook. Hope to be back soon for a new post, but I have a test to study for so I dunno.


  1. fun music & photos! i know how you feel. yesterday & today are my two mega catch-up days before heading back to the clinic for the rest of the week. kinda dreading it, since i'd love to get my house & family back in order more. but oh well. ::hugs::

  2. It was good to see you the other day.

    I think it's cool that Alex ran up on the stage to tell jokes. He deserves free loot!

    Cute pictures of the kids on the temple grounds. I am always amazed at other's artistic talent.
    Take care. Enjoy June!

  3. Your life sounds super busy and full of good good things - especially your kids!! I love all the pictures. I especially like the one where your older two are really laughing (or smiling big) - it just looks joyful!!

    Hope you are having a great summer so far and keep updating from time to time. It is fun to see what you are up to!

  4. Your life is so full! You are doing such a good job of being the parents.
    Your kids are awesome and doing such great stuff.

    Awesome art show. I wish I lived closer to be able to see it.

  5. One of my computers doesn't let me post comments on blogger for some reason. I tried to post one earlier and forgot to come back and do it again on this computer.

    I really like the picture of you and the girls and the one of Sabrina skipping...such a fun picture! Busy, busy, busy! Thanks for showing a couple shots from Maria's show.

  6. You've been missed .... hope all is going well.


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