Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let It Begin

Who hasn't gone through a very difficult trial? Who has not felt the weight of the world on your shoulders during that time? Sometimes those trials are due to our own mistakes, sometimes because of others' choices and sometimes just as a natural part of life. Whatever the trial, there is One who has agreed to take it upon Him and to carry that burden, but He only can if we invite Him to, if we "turn it over", if we "let it begin".

He can heal us. He has felt every pain, sorrow and sadness we have or will ever feel. My Savior knows me and is with me. He doesn't want me to suffer when He has already taken the sorrows on Himself. So I need to "Let It Begin".

These words in quotes that I've used are from a song that I heard last year after seeing Nick Sales perform somewhere, I think BYU. I liked his music and then looked him up online. Turns out he's from a little town called Spanish Fork in Utah, where some of my friends just happen to live. He's in BYU Jazz Voices now. He sings this song with Julie Yardley who originally sang it for EFY a few years ago. They both have videos online if you'd like to hear more from them.

For today, what do you need to do to take that first step, to "let it begin"?

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