Thursday, January 8, 2015

Made Something Out of Nothing

I heard this pretty song today and appreciated its message. It's called He Knows My Name by Francesca Battistelli. It's important for us to know our Father in Heaven loves us and knows us individually and by name. It helps to guide us and our decisions and to see eternally instead of just seeing the here and now.

There are two parts that really made me think.

"I'm not meant to just stay quiet.
I'm meant to be a lion.
I'll roar beyond a song with every moment that I've got."

What does this mean to you?

In one way, to me it means that I shouldn't just stay quiet, but instead share the joy and peace that comes from knowing a God and His plan and feeling His love. I was a very shy child, but even with that quietness, I was always eager to share the gospel with friends and teachers. I wouldn't say that I ever roared, but I did talk.

"He calls me chosen, free, forgiven, wanted, child of a King,
His forever, held in treasure,
I am loved."

To me those are powerful words. We each inherently yearn to be loved, adored, chosen. It helps me to go on in spite of trials and disappointments when I know I am someone's forever and held in treasure by someone, He who knows my name and knows me. I'm so grateful for my Father, the King, and for his eternal love.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts--I can't listen to the song now, but I'll keep it open and listen to it as soon as I can. Thanks so much! I needed this today (really!)


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