Friday, February 27, 2015

Milk Chocolate Truffles

I started making these rich, soft truffles years ago. It's really easy and makes a lot. The number of candies depends on the size of your candy mold. This time I didn't have enough milk chocolate so I added in some dark chocolate along with the milk chocolate so it's a bit darker than if you use just milk chocolate.

Here are some step-by-step directions showing the way that I make filled candies. I start by choosing a candy mold to use.

I melt the molding chocolate (also called candy melts) in the microwave just until melted and stir until smooth. I drop a dollop of the chocolate into each candy mold.

You can use utensils for this next part, but I use my finger to smooth the chocolate on the bottom and up the sides of the mold, forming a layer to make the hollow shell. Refrigerate this for a few minutes.

Remove the mold from the refrigerator and fill almost to the top with filling, being sure to gently push down to avoid air spaces in the finished candy.

Finish my placing another dollop of melted molding chocolate on top of filling to close the candy and make the base.

Place in refrigerator or freezer until the bottom of the candies looks completely frosted. Then gently pop candies out of mold.

Clean molds with hot water. (Do not put candy molds in dishwasher.)

Milk Chocolate Truffles
1 c. heavy cream
1 lb. 5 oz. milk chocolate, chopped
1 t. vanilla
3 oz. unsalted butter, melted
Molding milk chocolate

Melt molding chocolate and pour into candy molds (on bottom and up sides) to make shells. Refrigerate to harden. Heat the cream to the boiling point. Remove from heat and add chopped chocolate and vanilla. Stir until chocolate is completely melted. Let cool to around 98ยบ, then add butter and stir.

Wait until filling starts to thicken, then transfer to candy bottle or pastry bag and pipe filling into cooled candy shells. Leave small space above filling then pour melted molding chocolate on top to make base of candy. Chill until hardened. Pop out of mold.


  1. Oh, how YUMMY! I'm so pinning this to make :) Thanks for joining in our #PinIt Party. Hope to see you again next week!

  2. I added some instructions, Kathryn. I hope they help.


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