Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feed My Addiction Please

I admit that I’m addicted. Most people who know me well already know that. It started a long time ago and I haven’t outgrown it. I am addicted to collecting recipes. I go online every week and find new ones. I don’t know why since I have such a giant file of recipes to try that I wouldn’t be able to finish those in my lifetime, but still I add on to it. I am good about limiting my time spent on it, but I can’t stop completely. I guess it’s not that bad. Right???

I want to share some of my favorite places online to find recipes. Don’t worry. I won’t list every site I go to, but there are quite a few on this list I’m sharing. (Photos are from the Parade of Home last year, not my kitchen.)

My very favorite is Recipezaar . It is an ENORMOUS collection of recipes that anyone can contribute to and post photos and reviews. You can search by course or ingredients or several other ways, but I usually go to the home page and scroll down a bit to the JUST ADDED section and click where it says photos. They are the new photos with recipes that were added. It’s great to read the reviews because not only am I reassured that it will probably be good (everyone has different tastes), but you can get suggestions of other ways to make the dish.

If I ever have a cooking question and can’t find the answer online, I go post the question at Taste of Home and I usually get a response within minutes. This is a fast-moving forum with people who post recipes (some with photos), cooking tips, questions and answers and just about anything. You do have to sign up to post, but not to read. I’ve been going there for years.


http://www.picky-palate.com/ (She was just on a Food Network show called the Ultimate Recipe Showdown for a one time appearance.)

Sometimes I need to convert measurements in a recipe and I find this link handy.

Okay, so it’s your time to feed my addiction. What are some of your favorite places to find recipes online? Please!!


  1. I'm addicted, too... and your kitchen is beautiful! I love to check out Paula Deen or Barefoot Contessa, and just flip through the pages!

  2. Thanks for sharing the sites...I will definately check them out!!!

    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who is addicted!! My problem is that I find great recipes, make them and everyone but me hates them. I guess I just have more sophisticated tastes than they do.

  3. Hi Valerie,
    I just got your comment on my blog and wanted to say thank you. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to add to the blog. Thank you.

  4. It's a sickness I share. I have a recipe blog - juliecooks.wordpress.com, and there's some links on that one, too. I LOVE allrecipes.com also.

  5. Oh, yeah, allrecipes.com. I love that one too. And for anyone else, I checked out JulieCooks and it looks great. I will definitely be spending some time there soon. (Don't have time today.)

  6. I, too, am addicted!! I love the internet - food sites and blogs - magazines and books. I have WAY too many recipes ! One of my favorite resources is http://delicious.com. It is a place where you can bookmark all of your online finds. I bookmark recipes I find and then I can organize them into categories. It helps out when I'm looking to make something in particular that I've bookmarked.


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