Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mommy, the Doll is Attacking Me!!

Sabrina had wanted a “swimming doll” for a while so she put it on her birthday and Christmas lists and finally got a “Mommy, Look I Can Swim” doll. She was so happy. She already loves baths, but after getting her doll, she wanted to take one a few times a day. In one of the baths, she laid down in the water and had the baby swimming around the tub. It made it’s way to her hair and quickly wound Sabrina's hair around its arm. Luckily, I was right there so it didn’t get too tangled before I pulled it off. Then it happened again the other day. So new rule: No laying in the water if the doll is in the water. (I told her that after the first time, but didn’t notice it the second time.) I don’t really like dolls that move much. Not that I’m afraid of them (like one of my siblings is of clowns). It started a LONG time ago when I was around Sabrina’s age. I have a vague memory of going over to a family’s house and playing upstairs with the girl in the family while our parents were downstairs. She had a new ballerina doll that had a tiara and turned around and around. Somehow I twisted her hair into the tiara or something and ruined the doll. I felt so bad! Since then I didn’t like moving dolls. But Sabrina doesn’t seem to have been soured by her experiences and is just more careful. It is funny to hear her scream, “The doll is attacking me!” though. Too bad no video!

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  1. You poor thing:( Isn't it funny how certain little memories stay with us. That girl probably doesn't even remember it!


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