Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Little Shining Star

(I wrote this on Tuesday night to post on Wednesday, but decided to post it since it was late so it has Tuesday's date, but talks about what happened on Tuesday. Make sense?)
Sabrina had an exciting day yesterday. She woke up and her loose tooth had come out during the night. Somehow she found the tiny tooth in her bed and was so happy that the tooth fairy came for her for the first time Tuesday night. She has seen her brother and sister lose teeth many times. She her new smile? You can even see the new tooth starting to pop through her gums (well, in person, not really in the little photos).
She also did show and teach yesterday afternoon in kindergarten. I tried to convince her to do a Valentine’s day craft, but she insisted on making rocky road bars. That required me to take quite a box of supplies to her class. Luckily she got to wear her teacher’s microphone around her neck so the class could just make out what she was saying in her tiny voice. She did a good job though and had fun.
Sabrina passed out the treats and the recipe to her cute little kindergarten friends.
Sabrina also had the lesson in family home evening on Monday and I thought she did a good job. She chose the article An Activity Day Invitation from the February Friend . It was about a girl who invited some girls who didn’t come to church often and they started coming to Activity Days and then she invited friends from school who were not members of the church and they enjoyed it. We read it together so she could summarize it for her lesson. I made it a rule years ago that whoever has the lesson always shares their testimony or feelings about the topic they taught about. At the end of her lesson Sabrina said (completely unprompted by me), “I know that we should invite people to come to the church so they can see how they feel when they are there.” I think that’s pretty good for a 6-year old’s thinking. (Proud mommy smile)


  1. Yay for you, Sabrina! Sounds like you did great at school and at FHE. Seriously... stop growing up so fast. Love Ya!

  2. Such a cute smile. Looks like she may be a chef too.


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