Monday, April 5, 2010

Handmade Jewelry for You

Here is the giveaway that I was planning for 2 months. It all started when Maricela, a woman in my ward, approached my at church and looked at my watch. It was just a very cheap watch that I bought when I broke my last one (which was a very nice gift from my husband, but I haven't taken it in to get it fixed). It had a sad, worn leather band. Maricela said that she makes jewelry and wanted to make a watch band for me for Christmas. So (long story short), she took my watch and brought it back to me with this new pretty band on it.
Since she said that she makes jewelry and I like to support crafty people I know, I asked her to come to my home and show me her jewelry. I had already planned on buying something from her to giveaway here. So she came by and we visited for a while and she showed me the jewelry she has made and some of the beautiful beads she has that she was planning on using. She said she didn't want a photo of her, but at a Relief Society activity we had shortly after, I snapped a group photo and there Maricela is right in the middle.Back to the day she came to my house...I looked at her fun jewelry and at some girl's hair accessories that her daughter made. I bought these two headbands for Sabrina and Elisa.
And I had a hard time deciding what jewelry to buy for me and what to buy for the giveaway. But I finally did decide. I snapped a few photos before she left and I found out something I wish I would have known before Maricela left. Jewelry is not easy to photograph (at least not for an amateur like me) and none of the photos I took while she was here came out good. So please, please forgive me for the awful quality. They really are pretty and fun in person!

Don't you love her whimsical watch? It's one of MANY that she made and owns. She also makes custom-made jewelry, according to your taste and colors, including birthstones.
I was waiting to be able to visit with her again and take much better photos and have some prices of individual items before I posted the giveaway, but she is a busy woman. But last week I spoke with Maricela's daughter, who made the hair accessories and has a website, and she told me that she put some of Maricela's jewelry up on her website and it now has a way to order online. (Before you had to email or call to find out prices and to order.) So FINALLY I am posting the giveaway for this sparkly, pretty jewelry set--necklace, bracelet and earrings.
This is open to my readers in the U.S. and Canada. It will close on midnight on Monday, April 12th and I will announce the winner as soon as I can after that. All you have to do to enter is visit the website Chantal's Creations to see Maricela and her daughter's fun creations. Then leave a comment here telling me one that you like either for you or a gift.
Also, I'll be giving Maricela an open house to introduce her jewelry to my friends on April 16th in my home. Since it's in my home, I don't want to post the address here, but if any of you are interested in coming, just let me know and if I "know" you, I'd be happy to send you the information. I'm making treats to snack on while you're browsing!

Don't you just LOVE that fun twisted metal work?


  1. I DO love that twisted metal - It is all SO beautiful! Some people are just very talented!!
    I went over to her website (which is very professional I might add) and fell totally in love with a pair of "Chandelier Style" earrings that she calls Silvertone Clear - but I have to admit I fell in love with many things.
    I have to laugh that you said you will be making treats! I would SO come if I could!!

  2. Did my comment disappear? Apparently so - Darn!
    Oh well I'll say it again.
    I LOVE the twisted metal and all the jewelry - it is so pretty.
    I went over to her site, which is very professional I must say! I saw quite a few things I liked but especially fell in love with a pair of "Chandelier Style" earrings that that she called Silvertone Clear. VEry PRETTY!
    I also had to laugh that you said you are making treats to snack on - that would definately seal the deal on the party and I SO Wish I could be there!!!

  3. OK you get 3 comments from me. That was bazaar. My first comment didn't show up till my second comment posted - I thought the first one had been lost...WEIRD! Ha Ha

  4. I'm thinking there's something wrong with blogspot comments tonight anyway. On my last post, I have 15 comments but only 8 show up! Oh well, if this doesn't go throught I'll wait until tomorrow.

    What a beautiful website she has! I love the black and silver necklace and earrings, very classy!

    I'd love to win the gorgeous necklace! I'd also like to come to the open house. I promise I won't eat ALL of the treats!

    You can email me your address at:
    langfam10 at yahoo dot com

  5. They do such amazing work! Loved it! I really liked the silver earrings. I don't have anything flashy wardrobe wise, so I always go more simple with the jewelry too :). It was so nice to see that picture of everyone! I miss all you guys!

  6. I love her website, and the prices are very reasonable. I fell in love with a bracelet that is called Antique Silvertone Lead. I think it would be perfect for one of my older daughters. I would love to win the set you have on your giveaway!

  7. Super cute stuff!

    The head bands would be perfect for my daughters.. and I LOVE that beaded watch!!

    I also like the earrings that Cherie liked. :)

    Jewelry is so fun!!

  8. For whatever reason my computer doesn't like her website and I can't view her stuff. But I LOVE the pics you posted!!! SO, SO pretty!!
    I heart earrings.


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