Thursday, April 1, 2010

You Put the Candy in What?

The post that I was going to share today has been pushed aside so I could share this cute idea with you that I found at Surviving a Family of NINE. I love that this is a family tradition for her. I saw it just this morning before I was going to the store to buy things for Easter/General Conference gifts for the ladies I visit teach. I changed my mind and went to C-A-L Ranch to buy this chick feeder (less than $4) and I just happened to have the quart-size mason jar at home that I screwed on. This was a little over two bags of Skittles, but you can use any kind of candy. It is a little difficult to remove the candies when there isn't a lot of candy in the feeder, so I guess you'll have to keep it full. (Good excuse, huh?) I gave them this along with little bags with notebooks and pens for General Conference notes. (That ribbon looks white, but I had one white ribbon and one light orange one.) I love that it is unique and unexpected.
While I was at the store, I saw several metal tubs of live little chicks. So after I picked the kids up from school, I took them back to the store to see the chicks. They weren't allowed to pick them up, but they loved watching them and didn't want to leave. Even though it's snowing outside, Sabrina asked if we could go to Thanksgiving Point Farm Country since that's the only place we usually get to see farm animals. Now instead of asking for a dog, the girls are trying to convince my a chick is a great idea. I don't have the allergy excuse with this one. But I did say we'd have to learn a lot more first before I'd even consider it. Chicks don't stay chicks for sure.

But they sure are least until they peck you.


  1. That is SO CUTE!!! I wish you were my visiting teacher!

    My son was asked to a school dance a few years ago and the girl asked him with a live chick! We kept it and named it Chester. It grew up SO fast and we ended up taking him to a farm. Baby chicks are so cute.

  2. saweet! so glad you did your post, cause i forgot all about these!!! made some about 13 years ago, and they were darling. i have to go VTing in about an hour, maybe there's time to throw this together still! =)

  3. Chicks sure are cute! The farm I helped out at had a bunch of them and it only takes 6 weeks for them to be full grown. Your excuse would likely be that you can't have one once it gets full size. It's probably against some ordinance.

  4. Darling VT idea!! I am going to remember that!

  5. Really cute idea! We have chicks. About 12 right now and will probably get more this year. They all lay eggs and I love having them. (Just as long as I can get everyone else to clean the pen!) It is a lot of work, so make sure you ask someone who already has chickens before you take the plung!


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