Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Utah Local: Stacy Taylor, Hair Stylist Extraordinaire

I had planned on sharing this post about a month ago when the kids and I all got our hair cut, but better late than never. Several years ago, I needed my hair done and had never found a hair stylist who I was happy with enough to go back, so I was calling around and made an appointment at the hair salon inside JC Penney. They scheduled me with Stacy, and I've only had my hair done by her since. I was so glad to find someone who not only understands my hair, but is so very friendly and great to talk to. I am amazed about what she remembers about me and my life from one visit to the next---and I am such a procrastinator that I wait a long time between visits. The other thing that I so appreciate about Stacy is that I can tell her that I want a change, but I don't have anything in mind. She will come up with a complete style and color and do it. I tried giving free reign to other stylists before, and no one seemed to want it. They were afraid and wouldn't suggest anything. I am completely hair styling-challenged and if I ever had three wishes, one of them would be that Stacy would live next door and come every morning to style my hair. I'm sure she's glad I haven't found a magic lamp yet. She introduced me to a couple of great products like Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. Just a little bit applied to my hair helps it be smooth with few frizzies and it takes less time to blow dry, not to mention that it smells great.
A while ago, Stacy left JC Penney and started out on her own, doing her styling magic at the Stewart Palmer Studio in Provo.
Last month, I got my hair cut and colored, but didn't take before and after shots, but I took my camera with me when I took my children to get their hair cut by Stacy. I was ready to take lots of fun photos of them getting their hair cut when we pulled up to the salon and Alex noticed that one of our tires was leaking. We had a big screw stuck in the tire. Waaa! So I went inside to talk to Stacy about their hair. I quickly snapped this shot of Sabrina and then drove up the street to get the tire fixed.
By the time I got back, Stacy was done with both girls and was finishing up Alex's hair. I missed the whole thing.
Stacy not only cut Sabrina's hair, but took the time to give her this cute do. I love how Sabrina looks with her hair up, but she absolutely does not like me to do anything to it. But she did let Stacy.
They were all happy with their hair.
If you live around Provo, I highly recommend you call Stacy and make an appointment. She does hair, waxing, up-do's for special occasions... You won't be disappointed. One time I met one of Stacy's clients who comes down to Provo from Ogden because she is THAT good. I don't know what I'll ever do if Stacy and her super-cute family move away!!! If you'd like to see a little of Stacy's work, you can look at her blog Scissor Happy. She doesn't update it anymore, but you can see some photos. And another up-do that she up-did is Here.

Stacy Taylor at Stewart Palmer Studio
1924 North 1120 West
Provo, UT 84604-1045
(801) 373-7687 Ext. 15


  1. sweet post val!
    i'm all for a good hair/stylist post. talented & easy to work with stylists are few & far between, even though everyone else automatically think they themselves are amazing. i've got a great gal here too. i'd be lost without her. i've only had 2 other stylists i trust like her, and they both live too far away. =(
    as for the super skinny serum, is that not liquid gold?! one of my faves from living near a paul mitchell school for a few years. i didn't like them cutting my hair, but instead of going to a spa or out for a massage, i WOULD go have them wash my hair (oooh! the lather lounge was to die for!) and style it. =) picked up some good techniques that way, and fave products for cheaper. the best part is i've bounced both of those things i gained off my new stylist and she's confirmed that its all very sound advice. LOVE IT!
    kudos to stacy for being awesome!!!!

  2. Valerie,
    Thanks for the post. Maybe, if I have time, I can come to see her when I am there! I would love to see someone who would help me find something that looks good on me!!

  3. She sounds like a dream and they are few and far between!
    I also have a stylist that I could not live without. She is great to talk to, remembers everything about my family and friends (how do they do that?), and best of all she knows exactly what to do with my hair! I am with you, if she ever leaves what will I do??

    I hope you get some business for Stacy from people who live in your area - Word of mouth is very important for stylists!

  4. How nice that you were able to find someone you like. Much better than my recent experience, for sure!

  5. Yeah, Tiffany. I was even thinking of using your experience as an example of what Stacy would NEVER say. :) I hope you find someone good! Although I know you don't go get your hair cut often.

  6. Your kids are ADORABLE! Love the hair cuts!

    P.S. I received the BEAUTIFUL jewelry two days ago. (Sorry it took me so long to tell you) And I can't even begin to tell you how much the chocolate made my day! It was JUST what I needed, and so, so yummy!

    I can't wait for the chance to show off my new bling!

  7. I had Laura do a Brazilian Blowout on my hair from SP Studio. Review on my blog http://www.baroque-in-babylon.blogspot.com


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