Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pick Your Poultry

Here are two quotes from Elder Holland's book Broken Thing to Mend (yep, more quotes from the book and again they're from addresses that he gave). Art courtesy of Sabrina.

"Drawing upon my vast background of children’s bedtime stories, I say you can pick your poultry. You can either be like Chicken Little and run about shouting 'The sky is falling; the sky is falling' or you can be like the Little Red Hen and forge ahead with the productive tasks of living, regardless of who does or doesn’t help you or who does or doesn’t believe just the way you believe..."
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, fireside address, Brigham Young University, 12 September 2004, Terror, Triumph, and a Wedding Feast
"When the pressure is on, when crunch time hits, don't make your first declaration one of unbelief. That is the wrong end of the lance with which to approach a problem. Someone has said, 'The first rule of holes is, when you are in one, stop digging.' Surely the first rule of fueling faith is not to start by saying how much of it you don't have. You've got more than you think, and if you will assert that first, limited as it is, the miracle of it will lead you on, step by step, across your void of mystery or dread. If you will do this, Jesus will take you by the hand, just as He did this afflicted young man in the story, and you will be 'lifted up,' you will 'arise' in the timetable of the Lord—to health and happiness and brighter days ahead, all the brighter because your faith has been increased in the process."
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, “To Him that Believeth”, Chapman University, April 26, 2005.


  1. What?? He has a quote book?
    How did I not know of this!!

    He is a favorite speaker of mine.. and I just LOVE his talks. I better look for this book.

    Thank you for sharing your thought today.
    I can tend to be both.. the chicken.. and the hen! :)

  2. How funny I am saying the same thing as Ann - I tend to be both the chicken and the hen.
    I always panic first and then I make a list and feel more in control and become the hen.
    The hen is definately more productive.
    This just really sounds like a great book!


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