Saturday, April 24, 2010

Talking to Your Teenage Self & Awards

Apparently there's something fun going around Twitter, but since I don't tweet, I hadn't heard until I read about it at Yamile's blog the other day. People have been talking about what they would tell their younger self if they could somehow go back or send a letter or something like that. There are some fun ones on Yamile's blog. It got me thinking about what I would say. As I was driving to the Art Shoppe in Lehi on Friday, I was thinking about this and got a bit too involved in my thoughts and missed my exit. Any of you in Utah probably know that if you miss the Alpine/Highland exit going north on I-15, you have to go all the way past point of the mountain to get off and turn around. Ugh! But it was fun to think about so many things. Some of the things I thought of were:

*Stop torturing your brothers and sisters! Someday you'll wish you were nicer. Be more grateful and loving to your parents. You have NO idea everything they do for you.
*Stop worrying about everything all the time. Relax and enjoy being young.
*You don't know nearly as much as you think you do. When your plans don't work out, instead of freaking out, know that Heavenly Father knows better than you what is best and is guiding your life.
*Instead of standing there at dances, go out and dance even though you don't know how. Someday you're going to love it...and even dance with your future husband the first night you meet him.
*Do not buy those rainbow-dyed jeans and wear them with black and white high tops and two pairs of different colored socks. No, nothing bad will happen, but you will someday realize how UGLY that is. (Sorry, no picture of that.)

So, what would you say?

Along with the thought-provoking question, Yamile at Che Boricuas gave me this award. Yamile is a writer working on a novel. She sometimes posts some of her writing on her blog, along with book reviews, posts about her family and information about the writing world. Yamile just passed it on to 5 other bloggers so I will too. I always try to pass them on to bloggers who I haven't mentioned yet to introduce you to new wonderful blogs and terrific people.

1.Mona at Mona's musings is a beautiful writer. Her posts sometimes have podcasts so you can listen to her reading her post along with music. Come on. Who else has that?
2.Camille at Make It Work Mom has a fun blog and I even had the opportunity to meet her once.
3. Keely at Who Put the Romm in the Romma-Lama-Ding-Dongs? has such a fun sense of humor. You can tell by her blog title.
4. Ann Marie at An Old Fashioned Girl blogs about organization and all things antique and romantic looking.
5. Bonnie at City Home/Country Home posts lots of recipes and beautiful photography.

A while ago Sondra at Happy Clean Living was nice enough to give me this award and it has taken me a long time to finally pass it on. I just couldn't think of 7 interesting things about me to share, but today Sabrina told me that they don't have to be interesting. So here are seven things about me following the rules of the award.

Thank the person who kindly passes this to you, and link your award back to them!

List 7 things about yourself.

Pass it on to 7 Beautiful Bloggers (used to be 15 but Sondra did 7 and so will I)!

1. I have an annoyingly bad memory and I completely blame my children for sucking out all of my brain cells while I was pregnant. I never used to forget so much.

2. This is actually just something that made me happy this week. One of my friends from high school (from the first of 3 that I attended) just wrote me yesterday and told me that she still uses the black jewelry box I gave her for her 16th birthday. I don’t remember it at all (bad memory and all), but it made me smile that I chose something that she would like and use for so long.

3. I love to buy gifts as much as I love to buy things for myself. I get giddy when I find something I think a friend will like. So that’s one reason #2 made me so happy.

4. I wish I had a better sense of humor. I love to laugh, but don’t laugh out loud or joke around with most people (except my family) like I see others do and I admire them for that.

5. One of the things I can remember is before I had my first child thinking that if I got to be a size 8, I’d be so fat. Oh, how I dream of being a size 8 now!

6. I love Winger’s Original Amazing Sauce. I buy it so I can have it at home on hamburgers or grilled chicken or even use it as a salad dressing.

7. I stopped growing at 16 years old. I’m 5’1”. Somehow I didn’t realize I was short until I was 16 and then I didn’t really feel that short until college. I don’t mind being short except for trying to find pants that fit. Even the petite ones are sometimes too long.

I'm passing this award onto:
1. Tara at YES, I make my own stuff. NO, I'm not a dirty hippie for helping the earth and people with her blog that's dedicated to healthy and sustainable living.
2. Elizabeth at Personal Epiphanies is someone who I met in real life first and then was so impressed by her blog. She is an artist and a mother to two gorgeous children.
3. Heather at The Mini Mann Clan is my sister. She doesn't update very often since she works and has a baby, but I happen to think it's a beautiful blog since it has photos of their beautiful family.
4. Tiffany at Home and the Open Range is another one of my sisters. She lives far away in Georgia so I'm so glad she blogs. She posts about her life and some of her passions--bicycling, her dogs, photography and everything country and pioneer.
5. Jared at House of Andes is one of my brothers that I mentioned in my post yesterday. He posts beautiful photos of their family and his thoughts and challenges having an autistic child. He's a student and works so he stays very busy.

I know that not everyone likes to do awards, so if I awarded it to you, feel free to participate or not, but you can consider yourself blog-hugged!

Don't forget to share with us what you'd tell your younger self, everyone!


  1. I would tell myself to live more in the moment, and quit daydreaming about the future. I would also tell myself to make some serious goals for the future instead of, you know, just daydreaming. I would also tell myself to work harder and pay more attention in school, instead of, well, you know...

  2. I think that I would tell myself not to be so serious all the time! I would also like to tell myself that it is never too late to be what you want to be!
    Great Post today Valerie!

  3. Oh man... I would really have a serious talk with myself to not be sooooo stupid. Be stronger in the church standards. Respect myself and don't let men use me... Boy ... if only you could go back and help yourself not make so many stupid mistakes (like have a baby out of wed lock).. If only I could have had a happily ever after life with a husband then baby... what a wonderful life that would have been.

    I always love learning more about people. I'm glad you shared your 7 things. {{Hugs}}

  4. Thanks for sharing this Valerie!
    I know what you mean about not finding pants that fit. I'm 5'1 too, and everything I wear is too long.

  5. I loved this post! Some serious and funny stuff! You were a funny teen I can tell.

    Ya, short is a pain. I'm slightly taller than you by an inch.

    I really wish you would have had photographic evidence of your high water outfit. I wouldn't have made fun....really

  6. You were at Tom & Lucy's Art SHoppe?? I went Saturday early afternoon. Love going - would have loved seeing you there. :)
    Thanks for the award! I'll have to post it once MIWMGMDG ends. :)

  7. thanks for the award, valerie! I don't deserve it... but it was very kind of you. and will give me a reason to update my blog :)

  8. Thank you, Valerie - you're so sweet! Since becoming a facebook junky, yours is one of the very few blogs that I still check (so I may not pass it the award on to 7 other bloggers) :/ I love reading your blog! I had to laugh when you mentioned you don't joke around enough - I have the opposite problem; I don't take enough things seriously. Maybe we could temper each other - lol!

  9. There's so much I would tell my teenage self. Be confident, like who you are, don't care what other people think, enjoy your time as a teenager.

    Thanks for the award. My blog isn't beautiful but thanks for thinking of me. I'm glad you blog too. It's an easy way to keep up with you especially but also your family.

    You may have started out as an evil pranskter older sister but you've turned out to be a great example of charity and love for everyone.

    Not sure I can pass it along to 7 people...but we'll see.

  10. That is a fun type of post.
    I did a post on that topic about a year ago - Wrote a letter to my younger self and I got some very funny responses. Wouldn't it be interesting to go back for just a day and be your own best friend for a day and try to give yourself advice. Interesting stuff to think about.

    I loved learning all the new stuff about you. I think I was most surprised to learn that you are 5'1". I guess you look taller in your pictures - Ha Ha - Even though I don't know how that could be :D I'm weird :D


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