Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My New Cutters

These were among my fun kitchen gadgets that my parents gave me for my birthday. I had two of them on an old POST of fun gadgets and now I have them!
I used two of them last night when making treats for friends. These are the Chewy Cocoa Brownies that I posted before, but this time I cut them with the cute heart cutter.

Then I made the Easy Cream Cheese Danish with jam as a variation. I absolutely LOVE LOVE this cutter. I think they look so cute. I'll have to try my other cutter soon too.


  1. Those cutters would be so fun. I was just looking at the recipe on the other page, and have a question about this one...for the danish recipe here, did you just put the jam on top of the cream cheese, then top it with the other crescent sheet, and do the glaze without cinnamon? It looks really delicious.

  2. I did put the jam on top of the cream cheese and then topped with the crescent. I did sprinkle some cinnamon in the glaze, but I didn't measure it this time. You can add it or not. It's up to you.

  3. Fun cutters. I feel like I could never have too many cutters! ;)
    I can't wait to try that brownie recipe sometime.
    And the cream cheese danishes look SO good!


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