Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Top of My To-Do List

Just a quick post on a busy day. As a mother, I have a huge list of things I’d like to accomplish every day. Some of them are the things we have to do to keep our house running like laundry, dishes, and shopping. Then we have to help our children with homework, teach them the gospel (like that isn’t huge all by itself!), make sure they know we love them, help them develop self-esteem… Oh, the list is so big it often brings me to tears when I think of how full of important and urgent tasks my few years with my children are and how behind I always seem to be, even running at full speed. But this quote helps me to ground myself and it reminds me of what’s important.

"One of our greatest goals as parents should be to enjoy the power and influence of the Holy Ghost in our homes."
Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, “The Unspeakable Gift,” Ensign, May 2003, 28

Everything that I do should help bring and keep the Spirit in our home. The Spirit will not stay if I am cranky because I am trying to get this long list done and my children are not cooperating. What is more important? That I get to the store on time and in and out in 30 minutes or that I am patient and allow the Spirit to be with us? So it’s my goal to keep this quote in mind and ask myself, “Am I enjoying the influence of the Spirit and am I allowing my children to?” throughout each day.


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