Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Week in Pictures--Lots of Them

We've had a nice start to summer. How about you? I've taken a walk several days so far. These photos of the girls are taken 4 or 5 blocks from our house.

Alex was experimenting with the camera and I really like this one.

My friends Carla, Lucy & Patty celebrated my birthday with me on a girls' night out. It was fun to be able to talk and not get interrupted by children--no matter how cute they are. newest niece Aileah Brooklyn. She is Heather and Tom's first little one. Isn't she adorable! My children love their cute cousin.

We had a family dinner on Monday. Here's my nephew with my dad. They're great buddies.
And my littlest nephew
Aileah sure sleeps a lot--lucky Heather & Tom!
We went to the Parade of Homes like we do every year. This year the homes weren't as great as most other years. I guess the economy is affecting everything! They don't want to build really big, expensive houses that no one will buy. Here are the kids in a big shower.

We went to the Springville Museum of Art. This crazy one has an eye in the center that is actually a screen and the eye moves around. Sabrina was fascinated by it.

In the market for a 9-foot bridal gown made out of bubble wrap?I found this statue that I think would look great in my entry.
We stopped by Model A Cafe in Mapelton for the first time. Alex and Elisa ordered "2 Flat Tires", which are 2 GIANT pancakes. If you like pancakes, this is the place to go. The price for 3 is only $3.49. They couldn't even finish one pancake.


  1. Love all the pics... especially the ones of that cute new niece of yours :) Looks like y'all have had fun already.

  2. Fun pictures. I especially love the ones with them Utah mtns. in the background. Sigh! (I live in Kansas. It really is pretty here, SO green, rolling hills, but just not those Wasatch!