Friday, July 31, 2009

Dollar Store Crafts

I found a creative web site that has craft ideas that cost $10 or less, made using dollar store findings. I have found most to be very simple (even for me!) and there are many really cute projects. It's called Dollar Store Crafts. Makes sense, doesn't it? You gotta check it out. I have found some things that I'd love to do with my kids so they can give them away as gifts and some that I'd like to do myself. By the way, the site author's name is Heather Mann--the same as one of my sisters. Here are a few of the ideas they have. Above is a Hermes Birkin-like trashcycled purse.
There are several projects showing you how to make bags out of placemats or dishtowels.

This is one project that I thought would be fun for my girls to make for birthday gifts for their friends--a necklace holder.

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