Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Girl Gifts Don't Have to Be Pink

Isn't that so cute??? I love the colors. For Heather's baby shower, I ordered a basket full of gifts from my former neighbor Angie at Mama's Sew Bizy . She puts baskets together with different fun finds from all over and handmade hooded towels and washcloths. You can see what she has already put together or she'll do custom orders. I didn't get to take photos of the basket open since Heather took it home all wrapped up. There was a handmade hooded towel with a cute bow and a washcloth or two with matching bow, a onesie, litle sockies, a toy and baby soap or something like that. I can't remember if it had anything else. So head on over to order something fun. It doesn't have to be for babies. She does baskets for teachers, older kids or anyone!


  1. It is adorable! I love the color combo too! Thanks for ordering it for us! We love it :)

  2. You get so many pink things when you have a little girl that it's nice to get something else sometimes. Not that I have anything against pink, mind you!

  3. BEAUTIFUL and INGENIOUS. This reminds me of a shower for a close friend a few months ago...knowing it was a girl she received literally a MOUNTAIN OF PINK. To this day, I call her little one "Pinky Poo" because that is her whole wardrobe. (Note: I personally redecorated her boys' bedroom into a nursery and it's all yellows and greens and blues!)


  4. Love the color combo!! It's nice to have some different colors - bet she loves it!!


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