Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He Paid the Price

I know most people have heard a version of this short story before, but I'd like to post it today.

Years ago a poor man was making a journey by ship from England to America. Worried about spending the little amount of money he had, he lived on crackers and cheese for the entire trip, until the last day. No longer able to stand the sight of crackers and cheese and craving a real meal, he thought to himself, “Well, maybe on this last day I’ll go all out and treat myself to a full meal.”

The steward was surprised to see this man who he hadn't ever seen in the dining room seated at the dinner table. When he inquired as to where the man had been for the entire voyage, the man told how he was anxious about spending too much money. The steward was shocked, “Didn’t anyone tell you? The meals are included in the price of the ticket!”

How often are we like this man, grateful for the voyage, but not taking advantage of what is included along the way? Jesus has paid the price for us already. Do we show our love and faith by using the atonement fully in our lives? He paid the price for our sins, both big and small. He paid the price to know our sufferings- physical, spiritual, and mental. He paid the price so that He can be with us during our journey and we never have to be alone. He paid the price so that we will not have to go hungry for one moment on our journey. What do you need to do today to take advantage of the free buffet?

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