Friday, May 29, 2009

What a Busy Week!

From last Friday to this Friday, we have had so much to do and I have LOTS of pictures to prove it! School is over and summer starts now.

Sabrina was a monkey in her kindergarten graduation program.

Sabrina with her fun teacher
Elisa's program
The 3 Amigas
Elisa had a water party for her birthday party. Yes, her birthday isn't for a month, but she wanted to have it before all her friends go on vacation. It was an easy party. She planned all the games. I bought the stuff.
The party version of waterboarding. The 2 girls laying down have an empty bottle on their head. Each team tries to fill up the bottle with water, relay style, faster than the other team. They got really wet!

Opening gifts
The party was between lunch and dinner so we just served snacks along with the not-special-enough-for-photos cake. The green, red and blue bowls are cute and only $1 each at Michaels.
Then we ended with party favors. These cute little bags (also only $1 at Michaels) were filled with candy and a Coldstone gift card. You can't see the zippers, but they zipped close.
Alex ran a 5k at school and I didn't get to see him. Well, he says he walked more of it than ran, but I was proud of him for finishing it.
Then I let the kids choose what restaurant we would go to for dinner to celebrate their great year in school and the beginning of summer. They choose IHOP. That wouldn't have been my choice, but they loved it. Mac & Cheese and French fries are two of Sabrina's favorite foods.


  1. Wow! What a jam packed week o' fun! Hope you can take some time to relax before the summer fun revs up! The kids are getting too big too fast! Love you all!

  2. You really were busy! Seems like the kids enjoyed themselves. So what are your plans for the summer? Any trips?

  3. Isn't the end of school such a busy time. Whew - you have to run backwards to catch up with yourself and you did a birthday party too - Wow!

    Love the party theme - I bet they had a blast and the bags were SO cute - can't believe you got them for a dollar - Awesome!!!

  4. Love all the pics. I also really like those cute striped bowls from Michaels. I'll have to go look for them here. ;)
    Ahhh, summer. Need to get the creative juices flowing, or I just might get REALLY tired of all the Wii fighting!


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