Monday, May 18, 2009

Click! Click!

I bought a new camera and have been trying it out a little while we have been busy. I’m still getting used to it, but I think I like my new camera. My old one is very old and I’ve been ready for a new one.

I only took a few photos on Mother’s Day at my parents’ house.

My brother Jon grilling dinner for us.
My brother Jared with his little guy Itai.

Jared's other little guy (my nephew) Avi
My mom with her great smile hugging Sabrina

I only got to see part of Elisa's track meet so I was so glad that she ran (and won first place) in her 200 meter race while I was there. Other people ran theirs faster so she didn't win overall, but she is fast and I don't know where she got it from! These are from my old camera. I had just taken out my old one to give to Sabrina to take photos while I took them with the new one when I heard the pistol for Elisa's race. So I just used the old one. I'm glad they're not blurry. Elisa is the one on the inside (right) in the green shorts, racing with an untied shoelace.
I let the kids take photos to practice too and we even got a few pretty good photos together out of it.

2009 BYU AstroFest
Alex heard about this at school and was really looking forward to it. They had a lot of demonstrations, classes and activities. We were there for a few hours and didn’t get to do everything. It’s fun when the kids choose educational activities on their own!

Making constellation charts
Launching rockets they made
In a class called The Physics of Light (They really liked that one even though you can't tell by their faces before the class started.) Elisa chose that class.
Waiting for a shock!
We went to the Provo temple to walk around and take some photos. It sure was warm and sunny! Alex is in a phase where he doesn’t smile in photos. It makes me sad. I think he has a nice smile and he loves to laugh, but most of his pics make him look very serious and even mad sometimes. But I was able to trick a few smiles out of him here and there.


  1. Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing them!! You have some very cute, handsome and pretty kids. I wish we lived in Utah and could take advantage of the stuff BYU has to looks like everyone had fun. I loved growing up there and going to Education Week and hanging out at the bowling alley with my friends.
    I should look and see if the local college here offers similar things. I'm sure they do.

  2. These are great pictures, especially of everyone but me -- although I don't hate this one that includes me that much compared to most shots of me. I think it does look like me. Anyway, the kids are so cute, and you got some great shots. One of the ones where Elisa is running looks like Tiff, and one shot she resembles Pam a little. Congrats to her for doing such a great job!

  3. You know, I think boys at that age start to become serious and don't want to smile. I know my 16 ds actually looks better when he's either serious or just a bit of a smile. The serious photos of your ds look very nice. :)

  4. It looks like your new camera takes pretty good pictures. You're kids are all getting good at taking pictures! I remember some of the pics they took with my digital camera in 2001...not nearly as good as these. Of course, they are all much older now. Especially Sabrina who was just a little baby. As always, you got some good pictures.


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