Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So Cute Water Bottles

I came upon earth-inspired stainless steel water bottles from Earthlust today. There are several designs that I liked and they have a great clip on the bottle so I almost ordered them when I decided to look for reviews online. People mentioned that the screw top was not as convenient as a pop top (sports top). I think that's probably true. So I went on a quest to find a cute, easy-to-use metal water bottle. I had no idea there were so many gorgeous ones out there. Did you? I'm sure if I keep looking, I'll find more, but I don't have time for that. I haven't decided which I'll get yet, but here are some of the favorites from our house.


I found this pretty one at Walmart , but the reviews say the water doesn't come out very well.

This one is at Target, but the review says the thread on the cap don't fit the metal mouth of the bottle well. Too bad because it's a good price and I like it.

The water bottles at Simple Luxuries comes with a loop cap and a sports cap. has many of the above and others like these.

Okay, after I got the kids involved in the search, we found way too many to put in one post. This should have been titled "More Water Bottles Than You Ever Wanted to See".


  1. I had no idea that they made pretty water bottles. It's a great idea not only because they look nice but you can tell yours apart from other people. Good idea.

  2. They have a couple at REI that I like but I don't think any are as cute as some of those that you found. Now that I'll be working in the warehouse again, I definitely need to buy one.


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