Friday, April 10, 2009

Conversation with a 6-year old

Yesterday while driving Sabrina to school, I turned on the radio and the news was talking about the pirates near Somalia. I turned the station, but Sabrina had already heard enough to get her thinking.

Sabrina: Are they talking about pirates on the news?
Me: Yes, but they are far away.

Sabrina: Wait, pirates are real?

Me: Yes.

Sabrina: Hmmm. Are there good pirates?
Me: No. There are lots of good sailors, but pirates are bad.

Sabrina: Well, if pirates are real, maybe Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are real too.
Me: That would be fun, huh? But sorry, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell aren't real.

Sabrina: I know, Mom. I was being sarcastic.


  1. Such a cute conversation.

    I, too think it is kind of strange when I hear about pirates on the news.

  2. Isn't it sad when your kids are old enough to make sarcastic remarks? Sigh...

  3. That was adorable! It made me laugh so hard!!!

  4. That's a cute conversation - children are more precocious than we sometimes think!


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