Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break in Boise

Last week was spring break here so I took the kids up to Boise to visit my sister Tiffany and her husband Adam before they move back to Georgia. Robin was busy with work and church so he stayed home. It was snowing pretty hard on our way up, but it got warm enough that we didn’t need our jackets while we were there. Tiffany and Adam had to work during the day, so we went out and explored. We went to the mall, the children’s museum (again—we went last time we visited Tiffany & Adam), the old penitentiary (more about that in another post), and Julia Davis Park on the different days we were there. Then Tiffany was done with work earlier than Adam so we’d go exploring with her until he was done.

At the museum---The kids favorite exhibit is a shadow box that captures your silhouette image on a wall with special material. They love running and jumping and making crazy images on the wall. We also played with the air tube.
It's not quite as fun with short hair.
That is sooo not cute!Before & After
We went to Snake River Gorge with Tiffany and went climbing on rocks. Elisa had a hard time getting up this slope and I didn’t realize until after I took the photo, that she had started crying. Then after she stood up, a rock came rolling down from where Alex and Sabrina stood and Elisa just watched it as it rolled toward her and then hit her ankle pretty hard. We also were climbing up these bigger rocks looking for this mysterious animal making strange, loud calls. I finally got close enough to take a few photos. Tiffany says it’s a gopher. I had no idea what it was.

After Adam was done with work we all went to eat pizza and then to an arcade.
Tiffany even got Adam onto a roller coaster...sort of.
Sabrina wanted to ride this roller coaster simulator last time we came, but I wasn’t sure that she’d really like it. This time she got her chance. She went up with Tiffany. It actually goes up and around and upside down. We could hear her laughing the whole time and Tiffany said she was putting her hands up and loving it. She even went on it again with Alex. I finally have a roller coaster buddy and she’s too short for the real ones! Some day soon. Alex seems to like them more now so maybe I can go with him.
The most suspenseful part of the games came at the very end. We had just enough money on the arcade card for 4 games. Sabrina had wanted to do the grabber game to try and get a mini Kit Kat bar, her favorite candy. I finally let her try. It gives you three grabs. She didn’t get it with any of her three. Then Elisa tried and got one candy. Then Alex tried and got a Butterfinger and an Almond Joy. We had enough for one more turn so Sabrina was up again. She finally got her Kit Kat and was so excited. Over a tiny Kit Kat bar which cost more for the two tries than it would have if I bought her a bag of them. Funny girl. I was too into the suspense so I forgot to take photos of that part.

Then we quickly rushed over to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert right before midnight. We had a big helping of sugar right before bed. Yum!!!
While we were there the kids made friends with Tiffany & Adam's 3 dogs. Before they would jump onto the couch every time the dogs came into the room.

The next day, we went with Tiffany to Celebration Park to look for some petroglyphs, but this one below is the only one we found. We didn’t get to stay long since Alex didn’t feel well and wasn’t up to walking around much. He had to keep sitting down for a rest so we left.
We met Adam to get some frozen yogurt right before we left for home. We had a very good trip and I wouldn’t mind going back to visit Boise again someday. Of course, without Tiffany and Adam there, I’m not sure when we will go back.
Tiffany & Adam with Elisa, Sabrina and Alex. Look at those 2 boys! Happy aren't they?


  1. Looks like you had a fun time on your visit to Boise! I am glad to see others getting crazy with the wind tube "thingy" at the museum - ha ha Love your pictures!

    P.S. I took the page protector off my blog so you could copy that shoe pic if you still want too.

    Have a GREAT day!

  2. I'm glad that you guys had fun! It looks like you were able to do a lot (:

  3. I'm glad you guys got away for a little while and got to do so many fun things! I hope all is well with you! We should try to get together sometime...

  4. Glad you guys got to come! See you guys again in a little while. Love you all.

    Tiff :o)


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